Dr. Pate Thompson, Berkeley Rotary Club – founder of the Richmond Rotarcare Clinic.

President Elect Jim Spain welcomed everyone to the friendly El Cerrito Rotary Club, the flag was saluted and Nancy offered the thought for the day from Yogi Berra.

Secretary John – Introduction of Visiting Rotarians and Guests:

John introduced: Banu Dadlani, Berkeley Rotary Club; Walt Prowell, Monterey Rotary Club; Kurry Foley, Cote and Company (Charlie Weaver’s office) and Dave Rockhold, guest of Frank Sirafi.


  • Jack Freethy  announced the funeral of Mark Collins (SAT  7/20) and “plugged” the El Cerrito Florists for their “contribution”.
  • President Elect Jim Spain noted that the evening meeting scheduled for Thursday August 25th will not be a night-time mixer; will advise on a near- future date.

Happy Dollars:

– President Jim Spain ($1) happy Allen Cain sent him a customer in El Cerrito.

– Frank Lee ($5) is happy his daughter in New Jersey is doing well; introduced grandson to skee-ball; happy with Karen’s website updates and that  Pate Thompson (Berkeley Rotary Club) continues to be a consistent guest.

– Nancy McCarthy ($1) happy that Michael Chang led [them] to a successful insurance claim.

– Banu Dadlani, Berkeley Rotary Club ($1) happy to be at the Mira Vista with the ECRC.

– Mark Scott ($3) happy the wedding for daughter nine days away; reception at Fratalanza Club (Emeryville) where both cooks are currently Ill – Mark remains hopeful.

– Allen Cain ($1) happy that the 2013 Solano Avenue Stroll is on-track / on-time.

– Jack Freethy ($10) happy about t-ball and grandchildren

– Kanti Patel ($1) happy that India has a winning cricket team

Sgt at Arms Steve:  Nancy McCarthy and Joe Conwill recognized as they did not sign Terry’s Kotsatos Rotary roster as part of his initiation. Tables were quizzed regarding the El Cerrito Rotary Club’s structure; Mike Gonzalez recognized. Karen Neirlich recognized for doing such a great job on the ECR website.

Today’s Program:  President  Elect Jim introduced our guest speaker Dr. Pate Thompson, Berkeley Rotary Club – founder of the Richmond Rotarcare Clinic.

Today’s Lottery Winners:  Don Farquharson won the wine; Mark Scott went for the marble and pulled a “cat’s eye”.