ECHS Principal David Luongo

Editor:  Gary Buffon
Week of August 29, 2013

President Jim welcomed everyone to the friendly El Cerrito Rotary Club, the flag salute was led by Karen and the thought for the day was also provided by Karen.

Secretary John – Introduction of Visiting Rotarians and Guests:  John introduced Dick Morrish.  Gary B introduced our three guests from the ECHS Interact Club, Josh Ko, Linda Yuann and Kenyatta Marcelous who came today to hear Mr. Luango speak to our club.


  • President Jim introduce Rotarian Ron Brown from the Lamorinda Sunrise Rotary to tell us about the Rob Roy Canoe they are auctioning off for a fund raiser.  We will be assisting them by helping to staff the booth at the Solano Stroll.  Ron gave us the story and explained how the canoe was hand built by the Rotary club with guidance from a master woodworker who is a member of the Lamorinda club.
  • Sal announced that he has fliers for the Wine Tasting and gave them out to those who wanted to have one.
  • Karen showed the Wine Tasting Sponsorship Poster and Jane reminded us all about the importance of showing up at the wine tasting and help as well and enjoy the event.

Happy Dollars: 

Tracy is happy that David Luango was here to speak today and that we had some Interact Board members present.  Mark Figone is happy to be back and gave $20 for that and for the A’s coming back in the baseball playoff picture.  Jim Shepherd is happy that Pat is back at Rotary (everyone clapped approval).  Alan is happy he attended a friends wedding.  The friend is also an ECHS graduate.  Karen is happy that Ellen Fabini from last year’s Interact was willing to do the poster for our wine tasting.  Sonja is happy her son is settled in his new apt at School for his senior year.  Gary is happy for the Interact students being present and that one of those present Josh was acknowledged for coming in 2nd in the District 4-Way Test Speech event.  Michael C is happy for a new car and his daughter turning 26 and is now off his health insurance.

Today’s Program:

Karen introduced our guest speaker:  David Luongo, principal of El Cerrito High School.  David usually comes to our club this time of year to give us an update on what is happening and share with us the top priorities for the new school year.

David gave us a PowerPoint presentation of the values and cultural goals for ECHS.  The culture involved three key areas:  Academics, Behavior and Climate. The theme of this process is known as the Single School Culture and is intended to provide consistency in the key aspect of the three key areas. The bottom line is to create a positive and caring staff that respects peers and students personally and professionally.

Today the highlight of David’s presentation was a short video with six teachers who are ECHS graduates. Each of the teachers gave a short summary of why they are at ECHS and their reason for being there. This was a great example of a way to reduce turnover in the teaching cadre because if people has a strong connection to their employment they will stay longer.

This was an excellent presentation. Thanks Karen for getting David scheduled to speak to us.

Today’s Lottery Winners:    John had his ticket drawn and won the bottle of wine.  Nancy had her ticket pulled for the marble drawing and selected a blue marble winning $2.  Next week the pot will be $70

 Genie Stone Winner:  Kanti had his ticket drawn and wins the magic stone for Sept.


Thought for the Week: 

The more difficulties one has to encounter, within and without, the more significant and the higher in inspiration his life will be.
Horace Bushnell