Sasha (Sam) Genirbert, a Holocaust survivor & Author of Among the Enemy (Hiding in Plain Sight in Nazi Germany)

Sasha Sam GenirbergFor our Rotary Club Program this week, Nancy introduced Sasha (Sam) Genirbert, a Holocaust survivor who wrote his story of how as a Jewish youth from Ukraine he evaded death during the Holocaust in WWII Nazi Germany. Sam began by telling us he had recorded seven hours of information that he used to prepare to write his book and with the twenty minutes he had to present to us it would be quite a challenge. He was an amazing presenter as he packed a lot of information into the time. We heard the story of the extermination of Jews in his hometown near Dubno Poland and the painful decision he had to make to escape from the Ghetto there in order to survive. This was in the spring of 1942 and that was the beginning of his challenges and life-threatening experiences. In Sept of 1942 Sam boarded a train with his new name Andre Trag and papers to head for Germany to work as a conscript. He survived for three years in Nazi Germany by running away from jobs and many life-challenging experiences. Things he call his “miracles” because without the miracle he would have been found out and killed. Sam was ultimately liberated by the British in 1945 and lived to write his book: Among the Enemy (Hiding in Plain Sight in Nazi Germany).

He brought several copies of his book and they all sold out quickly. The club bought one and we put a book plate in it and it will be presented to the ECHS library. If you have a desire to own Sam’s book it is available on Amazon (link above) and strongly recommended for anyone who has an interest in that era of history.

We will ask Sam to return and present more of his story. What a courageous man and someone to be admired. Thanks Nancy for having him visit our club