Bulletin for Feb 23, 2017

El Cerrito Rotary – The Wheel

Editor:  Gary Buffon


 President Kanti welcomed everyone to the friendly El Cerrito Rotary Club and the pledge was led by Jim Spain and Kanti provided the thought for today.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:   

Don had his wife Mary along with Jorge Trilla who is going to rejoin our Rotary Club. 


  • Kanti reminded us of the TGIFF BARSHEEP event is Friday at Salute’s at 1900 Esplanade in Richmond.
  • Jan gave us the latest info on providing her with speaker information. Once you check the date with Jan and get the date certain, she will send you an email so you can provide her with the name of the speaker, the date, topic and bio of the speaker and email that back to her.  She will then give the info to Gary to be placed on the website. 
  • Lee reported the results of the meeting at Kanti’s house last Sunday. The decision was made to support the signage project for the East Bay Trekkers paths in El Cerrito.   The board of directors pass the selection and now Lee will put together the grant request for the District.  There will be a festival on May 21st put on by the Trekkers and we will be a part of the activities.

Happy Dollars: 

Sarah is happy the ECHS is supporting the work at their garden by providing the assistance of a Master Gardner so she and Sarah can create school programs for the garden.  Tracy is happy that Jorge is coming back to El Cerrito Rotary.  Jorge was President of the club in 85-86.  Sil had $10 for Jorge returning.  Marty is happy to be going to Florida on a business/personal trip.  Jack is happy for being a panelist for the Historical Society and the memories he enjoyed.  Mark Scott is happy for his upcoming trip to Mexico and for his 4 year old nephew giving the cat a haircut and now the cat looks like a Chihuahua.  Nobuko is happy because she brought sunshine to us from Hawaii.  Jim is concerned because the Sgt at Arms is happy.  Don is happy for Jorge returning and for Kanti and Jack.   Jorge had $5 for his returning.  Lee is happy for the Historical Society and for a dinner with his family at Wood Tavern in Oakland. Jan is happy for the TGIFF on Friday being a sendoff for PETS for the all the president elect’s in our area.  Terry is happy for the meeting at Kanti’s home.  Al is happy because of the speaker we have today.

 Sgt at Arms Sil: Not on duty today

Today’s Program:   Suzanne Iara was introduced by Al.  Tom Panas accompanied Suzanne today.  Suzanne was on hand to give us information on the El Cerrito Centennial celebration.  There will be a number of activities that will be offered for us to celebrate this important.  There will be a number of activities leading up to September when the final celebration will be held at Cerrito Vista Park.  For more information visit www.elcerrito100.org  The date for the celebration is September 16th.  Keep up on the various things that are happening.  Remember this is a 100 year celebration and we none of reading this will see the next one. 

The city will be putting out a call for support for the events.  Check them out and do your part to be an asset for this celebration. 

During the Q&A there was a question about the parade that is being set up.  President Elect Terry wants to make sure the El Cerrito Rotary Club participates in this parade.  Sounds like a lot of fun.

Raffle Winner:   Jorge had his ticket pulled for the bottle of scotch.  Michael had his ticket pulled to choose a marble and drew a cat’s eye.   Next week the jackpot will be $70. 


Genie Stone winner:  Mark Scott


Thought for the week:

Truth is eternal.  Knowledge is changeable.  It is disastrous to confuse them.