El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for Mar 16, 2017

El Cerrito Rotary

The Wheel

March 16, 2017

Editor:  Gary Buffon




President Kanti welcomed everyone to the friendly El Cerrito Rotary Club and the pledge was led by Sarah.  Kanti provided the thought for today.


Guests and visiting Rotarians:   

Guests today included Jorge Trilla, Albany Club President Ann Chaney and Pinole Club President Janie Cepernich. Jim Spain had a guest (from Sunset View).  We had two guests brought by Tracy (Rita and Deangela). 




  • Dollar Day Success – Steve summarized the activities and handed out gold stars to everyone who help out. $140 dollars in trip were received.
  • Kanti reminded us of the Dist conference next weekend in Berkeley


Happy Dollars: 

Tracy’s guests were happy to be her.  Al had $5 for Tracy’s guests.  Sal is happy to have bumped into his fellow Rotarians last Sunday at the GGF concession booth.  Jack is happy about the guests that Rotarians brought to Rotary.  Terry is happy about St Patrick’s Day and the center pieces Sarah placed on the table.  Jan is happy about the GGF day and her son helping us.  He is a great young man.  Don is happy about the trading in of their 19 year old Honda and replacing it with a new Mazda.  Mark Scott had a happy poem shared.  Joe Yang had $100 for his new baby girl (Josephine).  Jorge is happy that we did not do a background check before we accepted him for membership in El Cerrito Rotary.



Sgt at Arms Sil:  Did recognitions on our knowledge of St Patrick’s day.  Lots of funds and more understanding fo St Patrick who was born in 385. 


Special Recognition:

Joe Yang was told about the club tradition about recognizing new parents and Jack explained what would be happening.  A hat was passed so we could all contribute to Josephine’s PHF and the club will match the amount collected.  Since $540 was collected this will result in a PHF for Josephine.  Nice El Cerrito Rotary tradition!!



Today’s Program

Sonya introduced our speaker, Susan Grant to speak to us today.  Susan and her husband had a company called Senior Helpers that offers services to people that need help in their own homes so they can remain where they are most comfortable.   We were treated to Susan’s explanation of how Senior Helpers works and how they provide their services, along with the training the staff is provided.  The company has some 100 team members who serve their customer.  Then Susan gave us a verbal depiction of how the brain supports our bodies.  She provided some interesting data such as about 5 million people suffer from Alzheimer’s in the US.


Susan then shared portions of a video and then answered questions about a number of interesting aspects of this key topic of our society.   We all came away with a better understanding of the parameter of Alzheimer’s and dementia (which are not the same).  I hope you were in attendance for this excellent and fascinating presentation. Thanks to Sonya for inviting Susan to out club.


Raffle Winner:   Mark Scott had his ticket pulled for the bottle of Vodka.  Michael Chang had his ticket pulled to choose a marble and drew catseye.   Next week the jackpot will be $85. 


Thought for the week:

If you have a dollar and I have a dollar and we exchange dollars you and I still have one dollar.  If you and I exchange an idea, we