Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for March 9, 2017

El Cerrito Rotary – The Wheel

March 9, 2017

Editor:  Gary Buffon




President Kanti welcomed everyone to the friendly El Cerrito Rotary Club and the pledge was led by Marty.  Gary provided the thought for today.


Guests and visiting Rotarians:   

Rafael’s brother and future sister in law were his guests today.


  • President Kanti read the letter from the El Cerrito Mayor telling us of our inclusion in the Centennial parade on Sept 16th
  • President Elect Terry gave us a quick rundown on his PETS experience.
  • Our Interact Club has scheduled Apr 1st at the date for the Black and White dance this year
  • Jack read a letter of appreciation from “Turning Green” thanking El Cerrito Rotary for participating in the healthy lunch program at the two grammar schools
  • Jack also handed out some pages depicting the cover pages for Rotary club websites as thought provokers for us to consider.
  • Nobuko signed up for the International Rotary Convention in Ga but because of the weather delaying the construction of her new home she cannot go and offered the spot to a Rotarian in our club. Check with her for details.

Happy Dollars: 

Marty is happy for having a week off to go to Florida.  Sil is not happy about the Warriors latest loss in basketball.  Sonya is happy that Sarah’s son Evan did some tune up work on her company’s website.  Nancy is happy about attending the PAL luncheon and getting to meet Al Attles of the Golden State Warriors.  Al is happy that Kanti is such a good President.  Larry is sad that his brother in law has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Jack is happy that President Elect Terry is so happy about his PETS experience.  Sal had $5 for his recent trip to Victoria BC for his WWI group.  Dr. John is happy about the CAL Basketball team latest win. Rafael is happy that a close friend he had loaned money to was able to pay it back.

Sgt at Arms Sil: Not on duty today

Special Recognition:

President Kanti invited Sal and Sonya to come forward so they could recognize Al Caruso for his extraordinary contribution to the Sip and Savor even last October.



Today’s Program

Sal introduced Peter Brooks and Steve Spraitzer of White Pony Express.  This is a volunteer organization that works to alleviate food and clothing to the citizens of Contra Costa County.  Pony Express distributes food and clothing to individuals.  They began in 2013 and set up a delivery model to dispatch food to specific locations including churches, homeless shelters and school.  In addition they have some sixty locations they dispatch food to.  In addition, they have an operation called free general stores which uses vehicles to provide a mobile boutique clothing resource to locations in Contra Costa.  In addition, volunteers act as customer service staff for making sure the goods are distributed to individuals in an appropriate manner.  Peter and Steve showed us pictures and videos of they organization in action.  Over the past three years White Pony Express has provided 3.6 million pounds of food along with countless articles of clothing.to Contra Costa citizens.  The organization is always looking for volunteers to assist them and you can check out ways to get involved by visiting their website www.whiteponyexpress.org   This is a excellent organization that has partnered with many Rotary clubs for resources.  There is a refrigerated delivery trunk name “Jenny” that was funded by clubs in District 5160.  



Peter Brooks and Steve Spraitzer from White Pony Express



Raffle Winner:   Sonya had her ticket pulled for the bottle of Rum. .  Marty had his ticket pulled to choose a marble and drew a blue marble winning $5.   Next week the jackpot will be $80. 


Thought for the week:

To be confident, never give mental recognition to the possibly of failure.