El Cerrito Rotary Club Bulletin for April 6 2017

El Cerrito Rotary – The Wheel

April 6, 2017

Editor:  Gary Buffon




President Kanti welcomed everyone to the friendly El Cerrito Rotary Club and the pledge was led by Mark Figone and Mark Scott provided the thought for today.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:  

Sonya had guest Veronica Rodriquez.  Rafael had his son Rafael Jr.  Frank had guests Ralph Nelson and wife Julie.  Jack had a guest Marianne Haas who is a Lion and does fund raising for the visually impaired on the East Bay. 


  • Gary announced he will be absent next week and Jan and Jane will take the responsibility of taking the notes for the weekly bulletin. Thanks to them for making sure we have a record of what happens next week
  • Sonya brought us up to date on the Oct 1st Sip and Savor. We have new sponsorship categories and new beverage vendors.  Sonya also recognized the Rotarians who have joined the committee.  Thanks to each of them.  Things are getting set up to begin  the big push toward our next event in Oct.
  • Marianne Haas made a specific plea for sponsor for the event she and the Lions will be holding in a few weeks. Joe Conwill and Al Carruso both made generous donation to the event.  In all $400 was collected the event.

Happy Dollars:

Jim had $20 for the business given to him by Jack Freethy for a building he was renovating.  Al hd $5 for his enjoyment of our Rotary club.  Lee is happy about Ralph and Julie being here today.  Jack had $5 for the TGIFF BARSHEEP meeting.he attended. Gary B is happy for his hunting trip next week.  Mike G is happy for being at Rotary.  Marianne had $20 for the generosity and hospitality of our friendly club.  Michael is $20 happy his wife retired and they will have more time to enjoy life.  Don is happy he has put his yacht on the market.  Sonya is happy about her business partner and the success of the business venture.  She has a waiting list fort the facility.  Rafael is happy about the Rotary activities that are taking place in his home country.

Sgt at Arms Sil:  Not on duty today.

Today’s Program.

Lee introduce Dave Edlund who was with us today to tell us about his retired profession of collecting golf balls from golf course ponds.  Dave is also well known as McCovey Cove Dave because of his exploits of collecting home run balls that have been hit into the bay around AT&T Park.  Dave retired from HP after being in a high tech arena for many years.  He also is involved in competitive spear fishing and free diving and kayaking.  He opened his talk by explaining how use of statistics led him to consider his endeavor to catch the balls that we hit into McCovery Cove.  Dave has been involved in diving and spear fishing.   He discovered that he could collect thousands of golf balls by doing that service for golf courses.  He has a wide array of golf courses where he collects the balls that have been hit into the golf course ponds.  This is his retirement job and he collects lots of golf balls.  He cited that number and they are in the high five and six figures.  He sells the ball to companies that sell the balls for reuse.  He get 25 to 40 cents per ball.  Dave is a baseball fan and has always followed the Giants and A’s teams.  When AT&T park was completed he determined that the balls that would be hit into the water in McCovey Cove would be a great target for him to use for income and fame.  Dave shared a great story of how he became McCovey Cove Dave and the collection of HR balls he has retrieved.  He told us about getting HR number 1000 at the park.  He has collected 28 home run balls in his career.  Dave’s son had a special hoodie made for him and it has his name and is orange.  A great symbol of his accomplishments.  Dave is well known at AT&T Park.   Dave has a lot of memorabilia obtained by trading ball with the players.  Dave has been invited to the Giant’s clubhouse several times to be acknowledged for his successful career in collecting the baseballs hit by the professional baseball players.


McCovey Cove Dave 

This was an excellent presentation and keep us all very entertained and informed on this very unusual profession that Dave has.  Once of the more interesting things that came up was the way Dave uses statistics to figure the probabilities of where the home run balls will land when they are hit out of the park. 

 Raffle Winner:   Mark Scott had his ticket pulled for the bottle of Gin.  Jack had his ticket pulled to choose a marble and drew a red one winning $10..   Next week the jackpot will be $100.. 

Thought for the week:

I am an undying optimist, especially in regards to America’s future.  –  Ronald Regan