Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin-April 13, 2017

  El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin

The Wheel

April 13, 2017

Editor:  Gary Buffon




President Kanti welcomed everyone to the friendly El Cerrito Rotary Club and the pledge was led by Mark Scott and Kanti provided the thought for today.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:  

 Sonya’ guest today was Lisa Mantengo who is manager of the El Cerrito Chamber.  Rotarian Pate Thompson from Berkeley was here today.  Don’s wife Mary was his guest today.  Jack’s guest Thomasina Booker was here for her third visit. 


  • Sonya introduced Lisa Mantengro to us as she will be helping us with the Sip and Savor this year. In addition, the goal for this year is $35k and the benefactors are the SAF at El Cerrito High and the Contra Costa Community theater
  • Jane announced the demotion dinner for Kanti on Jun 3rd. She is selecting her program committee and we are planning the great event.
  • Sarah announced the April 22nd garden work party at El Cerrito High. The event will be from 9a to l2 noon. 
  • Gary asked the board members to approve a $300 donation to the Interact Club’s Black and White ball. It was approved and a check was prepared for the club.


Happy Dollars:

Tracy is happy for the visit she made to daughter Sarah’s school (Washington State Univ).  Jack is happy for being notified by his accountant he owes no taxes.  Gary B is unhappy about his hunting trip being cancelled but Jan is happy she does not have to do the bulletin notes for todays meeting.  Joe is happy that the winner of the Masters golf tourney is someone who have worked hard to 20 years before he finally won.  Michael is happy he is celebrating 32 years in his business.  Terry is happy for the great family Disney Cruise vacation he took.  Rafael $20 for twenty years in business.  Sil is happy that Lisa is here and for the Warriors success this year.  Marty is happy that Pate Thompson is here today.  Kanti is $20 that Terry is Rotary President for next year.  Pate is happy for lthe acknowledgement and contribution from El Cerrito Rotary.


Sgt at Arms Sil:  Not on duty today.


Other Important items: Kanti presented a check for $1500 to Pate Thompson for our contribution to the RotoCare Clinic.  Pate gave us a brief update on a couple of key items at the clinic. 


Today’s Program.

Jack introduced Paul Morris, City Council member from San Pablo to speak to us about what has been happening in that city over the past 20 years..  He opened his presentation by providing a lot of printed resources that we could take for to reinforce his presentation.  The time frame that Paul was speaking about involved 1990 to 2006.  He began by setting the stage of when the San Pablo Casino was in the early stages until it open in 2006.  The main reason the Casino was important is that San Pablo was essentially bankrupt during the late 1990’s.  Paul was a charter member of the San Pablo Economic Development Commission (EDC) which has provided the foundation and driving force for the majority of the development in the city during the decades.  The EDC has provided the people with the necessary structure and discipline to work to set income/expense budgets that now are set for two year cycles and that will be expanded to four year cycles this year.  In addition the EDC provides education and goals for creating economic develop with multiple income streams that allow for a slow but steady growth model.  At this point San Pablo has a new city hall, new library and new residential dwelling and rehabilitation to the overall growth of the city.  A new community center was opened in 2014.  A number of sports fields have been rehabilitated or built which now provides a great number of family opportunities.  The EDC also provides classes on business creation and operation for the San Pablo community.  This was a very stimulating presentation and showed what a strong commitment, goals and plans can do when there are dedicated people who are willing to build using an effective “Teamwork.” Model.  Thanks Jack for inviting Paul to speak to us.


Paul Morris – San Pablo City Councilman



Raffle Winner:   Marty had his ticket pulled for the bottle of taquila.  Michael had his ticket pulled to choose a marble and drew a cats eye.  Next week the jackpot will be $105. 

Thought for the week:

If you don’t know where you are going, you may wind up somewhere else.