Annual President Demotion Dinner Jun 3, 2017



El Cerrito Rotarians gathered at the Berkeley City Club for its annual Presidential Demotion Dinner.  Each year we honor our outgoing President with a celebration and “roast” of some of the entertaining aspects of his year.  We indulge in a wonderful meal and then enjoy the festivities set up by a committee of Rotarians who enjoy having fun and provide a “roast” of the entertaining things that were done by President Kanti during his year as President. Part of the celebration is to honor Rotarians who went above and beyond to make El Cerrito Rotary the Friendly and fun club.   We have a few photos that will explain this venue a bit better so lets take a look at them.Mona and Kanti Patel our honored leaders

The overarching goal for our demotion dinner is to have fun and poke fun at our outgoing President.   A team of Rotarians put together the program and we all get to enjoy having fun while poking fun at the people who led us during this Rotary year.

This year the RotoCare fund raiser was a bowling tournament with a team from each of the eight BARSHEEP clubs.  Kanti was on our team and was awarded this bowling pin for scoring the lowest score of anyone on any of the eight teams.  He got a score of 58 pins.  


 Jack is explaining some of the key points on Rotary club protocol while Kanti attempts to keep up with the flow of what is happening.  The problem for the outgoing President (Kanti) is it is difficult to keep up with the flow of what is  happening because nobody told the President what was going to happen in this phase of the demotion dinner.


  Once we had “roasted” Kanti for various aspects of his year Jack did a great summary Kanti being a very effective Rotary President.  Kanti was then given the opportunity to hand out acknowledgements to selected Rotarians.  This is time that Kanti gets to give Rotary plaques to specific members for the outstanding efforts they put forth during the year.

We had a great Dinner, Fellowship and acknowledgements to our club and its members.  I hope you were able to attend.  If not be sure you make a commitment to attend next year.