Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for June 1, 2017

El Cerrito Rotary The Wheel

June 1, 2017

Editor:  Gary Buffon




President Kanti welcomed everyone to the friendly El Cerrito Rotary Club and the pledge was led by Al and Jan provided the thought for today by having us all repeat the Rotary 4-Way Test..

Guests and visiting Rotarians:  No visiting Rotarians, Guests today included Maryann Hass.  Marla Stevenson – guest of Joe Conwill.  Marla is being proposed by Joe and will be on the fast track for membership.  She was an Albany Rotarian at one time.


  • Jane reminded us the President’s demotion dinner is Sat at the Berkeley City Club.
  • Lee gave us an update on the grant he prepared for the signage for the hillside park trail signage. We will know the outcome in July.
  • Kanti reminded us that the June board meeting will be held on the 27th at Mira Vista (Berkeley golf club) at 12:30p.

Happy Dollars:      

Joe is happy to be getting ready for the matching funds challenges with Al for the Sip and Savor.  Marla is happy Joe is sponsoring her into El Cerrito Rotary.  Mark Scott is happy for the grant we submitted and also for the grant the Berkeley club has submitted for building another Junior High in Chicalla Mexico.  Jane is happy to be going on vacation with family in Maui.  Nobuko is happy that Jane mentored her daughter and she is now pursuing a successful career.  Rafael is happy one of his workers in being honored with a Warriors game ticket.  Maryann is happy she has a goal.  John is happy for the Warriors.  Gary is happy for the support the Rotarians give to the Interact leadership.  Jack is happy that Joe is sponsoring Marla and for the number of El Cerrito Rotarians going to the Rotary International convention. 


Sgt at Arms Sil:  Not on duty today..


Today’s Program. 

John introduced Jane Taylor a friend and neighbor who is a docent at the Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historical Park.  Jane began by showing us a typical lunchbox that was carried by the workers at the shipyard during WWII.  She gave us some history about the yard and the Park which was founded in 2000.  The site is located at 1414 Harbor Way and has a number of interesting attractions for those who visit.  We heard about some of the history and summary of the importance of the site during the ship building times of WWII.  The biggest impact was the way the workforce had to shift from one of nearly totally male to one that had a significant percentage of female workers.  Jane elaborated on some of the key things that occurred during the shipbuilding, truck and jeep building that occurred during the war years.  The scope of the efforts resulted in women that were Rosie the Riveter and Wendy the Welder labels being applied to the many women that provided the people power for the shipyard.  The migration of workers to the Richmond area resulted in an influx of some 80,000 – 90,000 workers as Richmond became the largest shipyard in the country.  Jane encourage us to attend the annual celebration in August and learn more about the history of the Homefront Park and all the things that can be learned and enjoyed.  Check the internet for the date and time.  In addition, the SS Red Oak Victory ship is a floating museum that you can visit.

This was a excellent presentation that everyone enjoyed.  Thank you John for inviting Jane to make the presentation.


Jane Taylor – Docent with Rosie the Riveter holding lunch bucket carried by workers


Raffle Winner:  Jack had his ticket pulled for the bottle of champagne.  Sil had his ticket pulled to choose a marble and drew a black marble that cost him $5.  Next week the jackpot will be $65.


Thought for the week:  

Liberty consists in wholesome restraint.

–Daniel Webster