Weekly Rotary Bulletin for June 29, 2017

El Cerrito Rotary -The Wheel

June 29, 2017

Editor:  Gary Buffon





President Elect Terry welcomed everyone to the friendly El Cerrito Rotary Club and the pledge was led by Mark Scott and Terry provided the thought which was about our country’s Independence..


Guests and visiting Rotarians:  Sonya’s guest was Kara Turner.  James Lee was visiting from Richmond.  John Sisal was also a guest.



  • No Rotary meeting on July 6th
  • Club Board meeting is July 11 at 12:30 at the Berkeley Country club formerly the Mira Vista.   
  • Sept 16th is El Cerrito’s Centennial celebration. Rotarians will be able to march in the parade.
  • Jan gave us the rundown on how monthly speaker captains make sure to let Jan know who will be speaking on their dates.
  • Sonya told us about the Sip and Savor website being updated. Also the newest vendors and the need for a chocolate, check and spirits vendor.


Happy Dollars:  Jack is happy about his trip to the Rotary Convention and enjoying the 40k attendees.  Don is happy about his attendance at the Rotary Convention and thanked Jack and Mark for being there too.  Jane is happy that the Giants won.  Gary is happy that the Camp Royal attendees will be speaking on Aug 10th.  Tracy is happy that Terry has been such a good financial planner for her and her family.  Daughter Sarah was able to buy a new car.  Lee is happy about getting old and explained some of the actions he was involved in. 



Sgt at Arms Sil: Was on for his last time for his year as Sgt.  He recognized Frank for getting the award.  Nobuko for her anniversary,  Don for his 53rd anniversary.  Ron for his birthday and Jack for his anniversary.

Induction of Marla Stevenson:  Jack, Joe Conwill (Marla’s sponsor) and Jane welcomed Marla into the club with the classification of Retired Educator.   After conduction the induction, Jack welcomed Marla and everyone stood and acknowledged her to the club.  This was a very nice ceremony.


Jack administers the Rotary Club induction to Marla Stevens – Joe looks on

Today’s Program. 

Steve introduced Joe Yang to present his program on Scottish Whiskey.  Joe told us the story of scotch whiskey and specifically single malt Scotch.  Which means that the product is from one distillery in Scotland.  We were shown a map of Scotland and Joe highlighted the specific regions that sell Single Malt Scotch.  He also explained how the whiskey is distilled and some of the unique characteristics of the drink.  We were given a chance to sample two different types of Scotch.  The one that Joe prefers is Balvinie.  The Ardbeg Scotch was also provided for sampling.  The taste of Scotch is like any other complete consumable that requires understanding of what is involved. 



Joe Yang prior to his presentation on Scotch Whiskey


 Raffle Winner:  Nobuko won the bottle of scotch.  Steve had his ticket pulled to choose a marble and pulled a black marble which cost him $5. Michael won the bouquet of flowers that Sarah provided for the raffle today. Next week the jackpot will be $85

Genie Stone:  Won by Don which also means he got to select three items from the basket of fun. 

Thought for the week:  

Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.

Abraham Lincoln