Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for July 13, 2017

President –Terry Kotsatos


President Elect To Be Determined


Secretary –John Hoagland


Treasurer –Michael Chang/Sarah Sirchuck


Sergeant at Arms –Sal Compagno


Comptroller –Lee Prutton

Immediate Past President –Kanti Patel


International Service – Rafael Cartegena


Community Service- Mike Gonzalez


Vocational Service – Gary Buffon


Club Service – Jane Del Simone


Membership Service- Jack Freethy

 Branding Director and External Communication – Tracy Giles

Bulletin Editor – Gary Buffon


District Governor- Gary Vilhauer


Rotary International President – Ian H,S. Riseley



This is the first club bulletin for 2017-18 and it contains some additional things not usually found at the end of the weekly bulletin.  Let me know what you think about this.  Editor



  El Cerrito Rotary – The Wheel

July 13, 2017

Editor:  Gary Buffon





President Terry welcomed everyone to the friendly El Cerrito Rotary Club and the pledge was led by Frank Lee and Terry provided the thought.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:  Frank Lee and three Richmond Rotarians were with us today.  Also joining us were Allen Jinon his father Noel.


  • President Terry announced he will be absent for the next two weeks
  • July’s BARSHEEP TGIFF event will be July 28th at McBeers and is hosted by our club
  • Jane told us about the Sept 16th El Cerrito Centennial parade in which members of our club will be participating. Rotary banners and shirts are on order and we will each purchase a new Rotary shirt for the event so we look GOOD.
  • RotoCare dinner service is our responsibility for Aug 2, 15 and 29. Two of the dates are covered, need one more person for the 29th
  • The new club rosters are available. Be sure and pick up a couple for yourself. 
  • Sonya provided an update on Sip and Savor and made sure the tickets for the event were passed out. She also reviewed the sponsorship status for our members

Happy Dollars:  

Terry is happy about going on vacation which he has planned for some time.  Frank Lee is happy to be attending Terry’s first meeting as club president.  Marty is happy Frank joined us today.  Jan is happy she was able to get a suite at the Hotel Mac as a raffle prize for Sip and Savor.  Jack is $20 happy for Myra Martinez is going through the process to become a Rotarian.  Tracy is happy about being a Rotarian and it making it possible to get into a fireworks show at Tahoe because of a fellow Rotarian.  One of the visiting Richmond Rotarians is happy to be visiting the club.  Joe is happy to not be treasurer this year. 

 Sgt at Arms Sal: Made his introductory Sergeant duties go as easy as possible and deferred the recognitions until next time.  He did acknowledge Sil’s 51st wedding anniversary.



Allen Jinon is presented $1000 Book Scholarship award:  Allen was awarded one of the two book scholarships for this year.  He was able to have his father present to see him get the award.  The picture I had would not load.  




Today’s Program.

President Terry shares plans and goals for 2017-18

President Terry led his first meeting today.  He began by acknowledging Jack as a key person for recruiting Terry into the El Cerrito Rotary Club.  Terry then acknowledged Kanti for being a good mentor for the position of President.  Then he explained the importance of the Rotary slogan for the year:  Rotary Making a Difference.  From there Terry explained the main goals for this year:  Foundation support, Branding and Membership.  The notion of sharing, promoting and bragging will be a major part of the branding theme.  Rotarian Tracy will head up this effort by holding a Director position on the board so the proper emphasis can be placed on this effort.  We will all be part of this effort so be ready to jump in with hour energy and efforts.  The last item was the goal to have a 40 member club.  We have 34 members now so gaining six new members will be a major challenge but one which is very worthwhile.


Terry invited Jack to provide a summary of the El Cerrito Rotary Foundation and how it fits into the overall scope of our Rotary club.  In short, the foundation provides a fundamental asset for the club so it can do more things.  Since it inception over a decade ago, the foundation has grown to about $150K.

President Terry explains his goals for the Rotary Year




Raffle Winners:  Michael won the twelve pack of beer.  Don had his ticket pulled to choose a marble and pulled a catseye.   Next week the jackpot will be $90


From the Archives a message with current emphasis:  

From our club bulletin in July 8 1965:  A help wanted ad in the  club bulletin:  Bulletin Editor is interviewing for reporters.  All interested parties contact Myron Jacobs. 

Your current bulletin editor Gary Buffon is also interviewing for those who would be interested in being the bulletin scribe.   It is not a difficult job but one that is key to our club’s success.  .Let’s get some new blood into this interesting and fun position.  You can begin by stepping in from time to time to make sure we cover for the club bulletin.  I will be gone the next two Thursdays and Jane is taking notes for me.  What would be most helpful is that you check with Jan and see how easy this task can be.  You just have to record things at the Rotary meeting and then email a copy of your notes to Gary and he will complete the bulletin and email it to our members..

Gary Buffon – Editor


Rotary History:  July 1965 there were 11,933 Rotary Clubs in 27 countries with 565,250 members and 694 Interact Clubs. 

Today:  35,533 Rotary Clubs; 1,233,172 members and 21,560 Interact clubs with 495,580 members.

Comment:  Interesting how Service Above Self has grown among you folks. 


Thought for the week:  Just when you thought everything was under control you realized just how wrong you were.