Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for July 20, 2017

El Cerrito Rotary – The Wheel

July 20, 2017

Editor:  Gary Buffon




 First of all:  Thanks to Jan for doing a great job of taking notes.  The only challenge was they came into my email upside down so I got dizzy working to read upside down.  Usually I can rotate them on my computer but not this time. 

 President Marty:  Kicked off today’s meeting in the absence of President Terry.  The flag salute was led by Rafael and Marty provided the thought for the day.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:  Don’s wife Mary was with us today. 


  • Mark Scott was in hospital but is out now
  • Sonya announced that 65% of our club are Sip and Savor Sponsors. She is still looking for more vendors
  • Paul Keith announced a fund raiser for fighting cancer
  • TGIFF for this month is being hosted by our club. Be sure and attend if you can.  Gary will just be leaving Yellowstone so he can’t make it
  • Marla and Jack volunteered for the RotoCare dinner for August 29th


Happy Dollars:  Jane is happy to be going on vacation,  Lee is happy he had a good vacation, Paul Keith is happy about summertime fun, Jack is happy to see Club Rotarians who haven’t been here for a while, Steve is happy he had a great anniversary celebration and did not have to pay $5 to the Sgt at Arms, Don is happy to have his guests today as speaker and that wife Mary could attend.  There were two grumpy tables today and Jim Spain told a story that got him banished from the table. 

Sgt at Arms Sal:  Asked three Rotarians trivia questions, Michael got his wrong, Jane got her wrong answer, Sil got his answer correct.

Today’s Program.

 Don introduced the guest speakers today:  Torben and Judy Bensen to tell us about their eight month sailing adventure.  The trip was successful because of preplanning and considering all the challenges that might occur in their travel from Richmond to Denmark.  The trip took them through the Panama Canal.  They visited Cuba and navigated many canals on the way to Denmark.  The couple took advantage of electronic navigational charts and were able to succeed in a great adventure.  Thank you Don for inviting Torben and Judy to speak to our club!!

(Why do I always miss the outstanding presentations – editor).

 Raffle Winners:  Jan won the bottle of wine.  Jane had her ticket pulled to choose a marble and pulled a black one which cost her $5.   Next week the jackpot will be $95

 Thought for the week:  Definition of success:  The progressive realization of worthwhile, predetermined, personal goals.  –  The trip by the Torben’s is a perfect example of this notion.