Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for July 27, 2017

El Cerrito Rotary

The Wheel

July 27, 2017

Editor:  Gary Buffon




 First of all:  Thanks once again to Jan for doing a great job of taking notes for the second week in a row.  The only challenge was that Jan had to capture and very busy and informative meeting.  Like always she came through with great results.

 President Terry:  Kicked off today’s meeting in the absence of President Terry.  The flag salute was led by Jack and Terry provided the thought for the day.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:   Jim’s guest was Mayra Martinez.  Lee’s guest was Molly Hazen and Mike Miner from Trail Trekkers.  Julia Phalen and her father James were also on hand today.


  • TGIFF is at McBear’s tomorrow
  • RotoCare volunteer spots are filled
  • Tracy announced the Branding Committee is meeting next Thursday after our club meeting.
  • The Rotary Board meeting is Aug 8th at 12:30p at the club
  • Berkeley Rotary club is having their big fundraiser this weekend.
  • Sonya gave a quick update on Sip and Savor. She has passed out most of the tickets to Rotarians.  Effective August 1st ticket for the event will be available on-line.  Go to http://cerritovistasipandsavor.com/ and you are on your way to getting the tickets.  Be sure and have this handy to give to your friends who want to use this simple way of getting tickets.

Happy Dollars:  Terry had a great vacationJack has 29 of the 59 club rosters.  Molly announced the National Night Out on August 1st.  Tracy is happy the Branding Committee is all set up.  Lee got a check for a sponsorship for Sip and Savor. He also got a letter indicating our club secured a $10000 grant for the sign project for the El Cerrito Trails.  He also got a sponsorship for Sip and Savor.  Marty was happy about Julia winning the scholarship. Sarah was happy about the very moving show at the DeYoung Museum.  Myra was happy to be here. 

Sgt at Arms Sal: Not on duty today.

Today’s Program. 

We had a lot of things going on today.

  • Mark Miner described the El Cerrito Trails that we will have secured funding for signage. Mark will present more to us in August to our club
  • President Terry will be honoring a Rotarian of the month each month of his Rotary Year. This will be Terry’s way of recognizing their outstanding service.  This month’s award went to Sarah because of her work with the club Roster and accepting to be Co-Treasurer.
  • Nobuko presented a book scholarship to Julia Phalen. Her father Jim was on hand to see he get a $2000 check.  For the newer members, this book scholarship was established by Nobuko and has helped a lot of Interact members with the high cost of books.  Thanks to her for the ongoing effort and her legacy of Service Above Self!!

President Terry then asked two of our new members (George Trillia and Thomishia Booker) to do a brief “Who am I” that would help us get to know them better:

  • George joined Rotary in Argentina in 1975. He expressed his love for America and how happy he is to be a citizen of the US.  He has five children and has been a contractor here until he retired.
  • Thomishia told us about her journey to our club. She lives in Concord.  Has a Masters degree in social work.  He like to have options and has set her life up so that can happen.  She and her husband have a one year old son.  Tomishia wrote a children’s book series that will be coming out in October.

 Raffle Winners:  Thomisha won the bottle of wine.  She also had her ticket pulled to choose a marble and pulled a cats-eye giving her a prize from the fun box.  Next week the jackpot will be $100

 Genie Stone:  Nobuko won the Magic Stone for August.

Thought for the week:  

Democracy is more dangerous than fire; Fire cannot vote itself immune to water. –Michael Z. Williamson