Rotary Bulletin for August 3, 2017

El Cerrito Rotary – The Wheel

August 3, 2017

Editor:  Gary Buffon




 Past President Jack:  Kicked off today’s meeting in the absence of President Terry.  The flag salute was led by Joe Yang and Jack provided the thought for the day.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:   Sonya had two guests from El Cerrito Royal.  Marlene and Sally.


  • The El Cerrito Rotary Foundation board is meeting after today’s meeting
  • Sonya thanked everyone for their sponsorship and encouraged everyone to seek out a sponsor We have $19300 in sponsorships and our goal is $30000
  • Tracy reported that Sept 16 is the El Cerrito Centennial Parade. She will make a list of people who volunteer so they get the info for participating
  • Sil announced he got Mark Figone caught up on recognition’s
  • Tracy held a branding meeting after our club meeting. She will be giving updates on the things that are going on with this important project.



Happy Dollars:    Sonya is happy for El Cerrito Royal is filled with residences which makes it nice and she can get help from her staff for Sip and Savor.  Jorge is happy for 63 years of Marriage.  Sal is happy for his birthday.  Michael is happy for his 37th anniversary.  Don is happy for the sale of his sailboat.  Kanti is happy he will become a grandfather.  Tracy is happy about the successful TGIFF mixer at McBeers.


Sgt at Arms Sal: Was on duty today and acknowledged anniversaries.  But he recognized for $$$ Larry, Gary and Joe Yang.


Today’s Program. 

Jack introduced Marla Stevenson to speak to us about a topic she is very familiar with, Public Education. She began by sharing a bit about herself and her long term participation in Public Education from teacher to superintendent.  Marla gave us a review of her background sharing that her father was from Scotland and her five siblings.  She indicated that whe was blessed with high quality teachers and schools.  We were also informed that she believes our public education system is Very Good as well as providing access for all students.  Marla began her education in college with the study of social psychology in which she went on to get a Masters and PhD.  As an aside she shared a story of being involved in a expulsion hearing of a fifteen teaching where she worked her way up to Superintendent.  Marla reiterated that she believes in our public school system and explained the evidence for this belief by sharing the International rankings where the US ranks in the top five in the world.  She also gave us the dollar per student expenditure ranking which is $12k per student in the US.  Most of the money spent on Public schools is for post-secondary funding.  This means most of the dollars on spent on college.   She went on to explain the impact of charter schools and vouchers.  She closed her presentation by sharing her two major concerns:  Home schooling, because of the lack of oversight of requirement and the challenge of retaining quality teachers and attracting quality teachers due to limitations on salaries for teacher moving to a new school.   This was a very well done presentation.  We will need another presentation from Marla to expand on these fascination issues.  Thank you Marla for giving us the introduction of you as our new Rotarian and some key insight into the Public Education from someone who has been there, done that!!


Marla Stevenson – our newest Rotarian and Public School veteran



 Raffle Winners:  Sonya and Don each won a bottle of wine.  Sal had his ticket pulled for the Warriors T-Shirt that Sil donated.  Sal also had his ticket pulled to choose a marble and pulled a catseye giving her a prize from the fun box.  Next week the jackpot will be $105



Thought for the week:  

Rotary Club of El Cerrito – The Friendly Club where everyone enjoys being involved in benefitting the city, the community and providing service above self.  Come join us and find out why we feel so strongly about this.