Weekly Rotary Bulletin for August 10, 2017

El Cerrito Rotary

The Wheel

August 10, 2017

Editor:  Gary Buffon






President Terry:  Welcomed us to the Friendly El Cerrito Rotary Club.  The flag salute was led by Nancy and Terry provided the thought for the day.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:   

Richmond Rotarian Alan Baer was visiting today to hear his daughter Stephanie tells us about her Camp Royal experience.


  • President Terry told us the Sept Board meeting will be held Sept 5th @ 12:30p
  • Sip and Savor will have a short meeting after the Rotary meeting
  • Branding committee will have a short meeting after the Rotary meeting
  • Terry reiterated the speaker teams and the responsibility for getting speakers and providing Jan with the information
  • Terry thanked Jack for running the meeting last week while Terry was dealing with an emergency with his leg
  • Jane told us about the new Rotary shirts that will be ordered and asked everyone to indicate their size so she can get the order in so we have the shirts before the El Cerrito Centennial celebration on Sept 16th
  • Sonya announced the 4 new sponsors for Sip and Savor


Happy Dollars:    Marla is happy to be going to Tahoe with her extended family.  Tracy is happy about the trip she had taking daughter Sarah back to her college.  Jack is happy about taking his Thunderbird to the Concourse DE Elegance at Monterey.  Gary is happy the Camp Royal Speakers are here today and also for the latest Sharon Tennison email up on the recent Russian trip.

Sgt at Arms Sal:   Not on duty today

Marty gave us a rundown on the El Cerrito Rotary Club Foundation and how it serves our club. After his presentation there was a good Q&A.

Today’s Program:

Gary introduced our speakers today, Stephanie Baer and Ashley Byrne who attended Camp Royal in June and were on hand to give us the highlights of their experiences. 

They showed some videos which gave us a good idea of the activities and events they were involve in at camp.  As is always the case Stephanie and Ashley shared the highlights and impactful things they experienced.  One of the major things that was pointed out was how the camp pushed the participants out of their comfort zone and how they realized they could do more than they expected.


President Terry, Ashley Byrne & Stephanie Baer


 Raffle Winners:  Jack won a bottle of wine.  Michael had his ticket pulled to choose a marble and pulled a catseye giving her a prize from the fun box.  Next week the jackpot will be $110.

 Thought for the week:  

Even if you are on the right track you will get run over if you just sit there.—Arthur Godfrey