Weekly Rotary Bulletin for August 24, 2017

El Cerrito Rotary

The Wheel

August 24, 2017

Editor:  Gary Buffon






President Terry:  Opened today’s meeting by greeting everyone.  The flag salute was led by    Sil and Terry provided the thought for today.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:

Visiting Rotarians included Linda Wickstrom from Wisconsin, PDG Fred Collingnon Neal Wells from Lafayette and George Trillia’s wife Norma.


  • Remember that the Board meeting on Sept 5th in September
  • Be sure and sign up for the El Cerrito Centennial parade.
  • Sil reported on attending the time capsule event at City Hall and that our Rotary Flag was one of the items placed in the time capsule.
  • Sonja summarized the status of fund raising and reminded us that we need to solicite more sponsores

Happy Dollars:    

Jack is happy about the stories in Rotarian Magazine regarding countries that some of our fellow Rotarians are from.   Gary is happy that PDG Fred joined us today.  Fred is happy for the his grandkids being at Lake Tahoe and for the foundation projects that are going on this year.  Sal is happy about his trip to Sacramento where he got a group of politicians to agree to support our veterans..  Past President Kanti is happy to be a new Grandfather.  President Terry is happy he had a break from the family for a few days and is looking forward to their return.  Nobuko is happy that longtime friend is visiting her after a long absence.  Don is happy his sone hand his family visited for a week   Rafael is happy about the Hilltop Mall being upgraded and he got some of the work.  Sarah is happy about the High School Garden and school starting.

Sgt at Arms Sal: Not on duty today. 

Special presentation:  PDG Fred presented the check for $10000 to Lee and Pres Terry for the grant for the signs for the El Cerrito trails.  Foundation Chair Marty, Fred, Lee (who wrote the application, Kanti – Past President and current President Terry


Today’s Program. 

Lee introduced Mark Miner of the El Cerrito Trail Trekkers to speak to us about the trails they oversee.  This group will be the go to folks for the securing of signs and installation on the El Cerrito Trails.    Mark gave us a summary of the organization and what they do.  In short, they coordinate and oversee the roughly one mile area of trails in the area surrounding the old quarry and part of the hillside area.  The main entrance to the trails is at Schmidt Lane.  The trail area has been in place for some 30 years.  There is a map on the web at ECTrailtrekers.org.  Check it out.  Mark summarized some of the key things that Trekkers do in terms of this important project.  Our Rotary Club applied for and was selected for a District 5160 grant for signage for the trails.   Mark explained that signage and how it will be placed so it amplifies the trail system and provides guidance to more of the community to enjoy the opportunity to enjoy the trails. Mark pointed out the two main entrances to the trails, one at Navalier and Blake.  The other at Schmidt lane near the recycling center.  Mark answered a number of questions.  This was an excellent presentation.  Thanks Lee for arranging for Mark to make his presentation,


Mark Miner – El Cerrito Trail Trekkers


Raffle Winners:  Marty won the bottle of wine.  Sil had his ticket pulled for the marble game and had Nobuko pull the marble.  It was catseye giving her a prize from the fun box.  Next week the jackpot will be $115.

Thought for the week:  

If you want to know how much good works Rotary is involved in, just look for a Rotary Wheel on things as you travel around.  It is truly amazing how many times you will see the Rotary Wheel displayed on a lot of different objects, including flag pole stands, gazebos, and park benches. .It is an honor to be a Rotarian!!