El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for Oct 12, 2017


  El Cerrito Rotary

The Wheel

October 12, 2017

Editor:  Gary Buffon




President Terry:  Opened today’s meeting by greeting everyone.  The flag salute was led by Marty and Terry provided the thought for today.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:

Visiting Rotarian Gary Valhauer our District Governor and his wife Leslie and daughter Lisa were here to visit our club. Rotarians Allen Baer and Max Robinson were also in attendance as was Jorge’s wife Norma.


  • December speaker Team leader is Joe Yang
  • President Terry reminded everyone to pay for your Rotary shirt if you have not done so.
  • Sonya and Sal provided a Sip and Savor report. Bottom line is we may reach our goal of $30K net.  Next year the Sip and Savor will be on October 2018.
  • Jack did a follow-up on the email he sent to us all which depicted the path forward for our new membership recruitment. Jack will be reminding us weekly of actions to take.

 Happy Dollars:    

Jack is happy his property in Napa has not been damaged by the fires.  Tracy is happy that she got to visit a Rotary meeting in Truckee.  Sonya is happy for the Sip and Savor results.  Marty is happy about our meeting with the DG today.

 Sgt at Arms Sal:   Not on today

Today’s Program.   

Terry introduced our DG Gary Vilhauer to make his club visit presentation.  The topic of his talk was how Rotary has not limits when it comes to doing projects.  He told us the story of a humanitarian trip to Lagos Nigeria he made on a Rotary Humanitarian Mission. He summarized just how effective Rotary is when it comes to using the Rotary Foundation to leverage the funds and find the bodies to get a project completed.  The mission that DG Gary went on illustrates the power of accumulating dollars and joining with the Districts and R/I to secure sizable grants.  On the trip there a number of were civilian organizations in Nigeria who provided support of advertising, logistics and other resources to the project.  The mission successfully provided health care treatment for over 100k Nigerians.  DG Gary pointed out how these type of missions grow our membership because more and more people get to see how it works.


This was a great presentation and provided a heartwarming story about Rotary’s effectiveness.

DG Gary closed with a short video of the District Conference that will be in Incline Village, NV on May 4-6, 2018.  Looks like “a don’t” miss event!


Terry, Leslie Vilhauer and DG Gary Vilhauer with our Rotary promo sign


Special Award for Sonya.  She was awarded a beautiful succulent garden and a gift for her outstanding efforts as the Chair off Sip and Savor.



Raffle Winners:

Don won the bottle of wine.  Tracy also had her ticket pulled for the marble game and she selected a catseye marble.  Next week the jackpot will be $150.  .

Thought for the week:

Rotarians are People of Action, Committed to completing what they do.