El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for Dec 21, 2017

El Cerrito Rotary The Wheel

December 21, 2017

Editor:  Gary Buffon




President Terry:  Opened today’s meeting by greeting everyone.  The flag salute was led by Sarah and Terry provided the thought for today.


Guests and visiting Rotarians:  

Don’s wife Mary was here today, Michael had a guest Dennis (failed to get his last name).  Neal Wells from the Orinda club was visiting today.


  • There will be no meeting next Thursday. See everyone on Jan 4th.  Everyone have a safe and sane New Year
  • Marty did a collection of check for the Rotary Foundation for the culmination of matching fund month. If you failed to get your check to Marty, you can bring it to his shop and get the matching points.  Take advantage of this deal.

 Happy Dollars:   

Joe Y is happy to be here today and also happy that the 49ers have won the last two games.  Marty is happy about meeting his sister in Las Vegas to do some “hanging out” with her.  Lee is happy about this softball team winning the championship.  The team who thought they would win had purchased 3 bottles of champagne and so they gave it to Lee’s team for the celebration.  Lee’s brother is on a basketball team the also was a winner and he was happy to celebrate with Lee and the softball team.  Michael is happy his two kids are coming home for Christmas.  George is happy for a Christmas present from his daughter to him and Norma which is a trip to Kenya and another African country in 2018.  Nobuko was $20 happy for a dream she had about herself and her grandson about swimming.  Since she is afraid of the water and he grandson does not swim she felt the dream was quite a blessing because it was very nice.  Jack is happy that Mary Farquharson injury to her arm is on the mend.  Sarah is happy she too had a dream about having grandchildren. 


Sgt at Arms Sal:   

Was on duty and began by wishing Lee a happy birthday on Christmas day.  He also thanked Tracy for recommending a play the he very much enjoyed.  Sal then asked where Santa Claus originated – answer:  Turkey.  Then he told us about how the name came about.  He asked how many reindeer Santa has.  Then Sal made a contribution of $20 wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!!

Today’s Program.   

Susan Grant was introduced by Sonya to speak to us about her career with Senior Helpers.  This was Susan’s second time to speak to us.  She has had many careers and her love for being with Senior Helps is her favorite because of what it gives to others. 

Susan began by telling the difference between dementia and Alzheimer’s.  The short answer is Alzheimer’s is one type of dementia.  Then Susan showed a video which explained the current way the health care providers categorizes using The Senior Gems reference guide.  This list of six gems has been developed to identify people as special and unique. 

Each Gem relates to the persons mental capabilities as they age:

Sapphire – the natural aging process that everyone experiences

Diamond – Can do old habits and routines; becomes more territorial or less aware of boundaries; likes the familiar and has difficulty with change; tells the same stories, as the same questions

Emerald –  Get lost in the past life, past places, past roles; gets emotional quickly; loses important things and thinks someone stoles them; needs help, does not know it or like it.

Amber – Nes sensation (touch, lok, feel smell or taste); may be private and quiet or public and noisy; gets into things; impatient

Ruby – Fine motor skill is lost or stops in the mouth, eyes, fingers and feet; difficult to start and stop movement; limited visual awareness; one direct – forward only, can not back up safely

Pearl – Not aware of the world around them (most of the time); hardly moves; problems swallowing; hard to get connected. Sensory and motor skills go wacky.

Susan was excellent in describing what happens to those who move through these phases.  In the end the brain “freezes up and the person passes.

Susan answered many questions.  It would be worthwhile for anyone who has elder folks in their family to become familiar with the phases people go through so they can get help when needed. 

As I spoke to Susan after the presentation, I suggested she get in touch with other Rotary clubs to share this valuable information to others.  Norma and I experience first hand as my mother had dementia during her last two years of life and she lived with us.   The information Susan shared would have been wonderful to know.   Thanks to Sonya for having Susan speak to us.

Susan Grant of Senior Helpers – Today’s presenter


Raffle Winners:

Don won the bottle of wine.  George had his ticket pulled for the marble game and drew a catseye and got to choose something from the basket of fun.  Gary’s ticket was pulled for the beautiful orchid the Sarah brought for a raffle prize today. Next week the jackpot will be $85.


Genie Stone:  George won the magic stone for January


Thought for the week:

A friend is someone who leaves you with all our freedom intact but who by what they think of you obliges you to be fully what you are.