El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for Jan 25, 2018

El Cerrito Rotary – The Wheel

January 25, 2018

Editor:  Gary Buffon




President Terry:  Opened today’s meeting by greeting everyone.  The flag salute was led by John and Terry provided the thought for today.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:  

We had a wide array of guest today:  From the CCCT we had Kathleen Parka, Georgina Edwards, Brit Johnson and Andrew Gabel.  George had his wife Norma.


  • Our club will be responsible for bring food to the RotoCare clinic on two days. Feb 6 and Feb 20. There are three volunteers getting this sorted out.
  • February speaker team leader is Rafael and the speakers are nearly all selected
  • Lee updated us on the sign project and the signs will be finished by midsummer
  • TGIFF celebration will be Feb 26 at La Strada in Richmond.

Happy Dollars:   Marty is happy that Marla is joining the CCCT Board.  Sal is happy his annual physical was successful and he said he only has 40 more years to live.  George is happy he and Norma had an awesome vacation in Kenya and Tanzania that was a gift from their daughter.  Mark is happy about his new job as “stay-at-home grandpa.”



Rotarian of the month:  Terry awarded the honor to Nobuko for her generosity to the victims of the wild fires in Solano and Sonoma counties.   

Sgt at Arms Sal:   Today Sal recognized Nancy for not knowing it takes 18 humming birds to weight an ounce.  Sarah knew the definition of the word that identifies the study of bird behavior.  Lee did not know the country that has the most languages is Papua New Guinea. 


Special Presentation of Check to CCCT Theater repesentatives:

President Terry presented the check for $10000 to the CCCT for their work in helping us put on the Sip and Savor.


(pictured left to right) Pres Terry, Andrew Gabel, Kathleen Perka, Georgina Edwards, Marty Kaliski, Marla Stevenson, Brit Johnson, Sal Compagno



Today’s Program.   

Steve introduced our speaker Mary Joe Hudgel who is with the Four Season Arts and came today to explain the Four Seasons Arts project of presenting classical music recitals and chamber concerts in the East Bay.  Mary Joe began by explaining the importance of arts and music to our communities.  Music represents the method by which humans are impacted emotionally and mentally that enhances lives.  Mary Joe explained how music provides impacts us as humans.  Music is becoming a common method to treat people with mental ailments.  In terms of the Four Seasons Art project the goal is to get more people exposed to classical music recital as a way to make our live more rich and fulfilled.  Four Seasons began in 1958 and since then has provided thousands the opportunity to have their lives enriched.  The is another critical element of the Four Seasons Arts mission and that is to get people transported to and from the concert venues and do so in a way that people can converse and dialogue about the experience.  Mary Joe asked that people who would like to go to the concerts offer to drive and that would satisfy their mission of providing rides to individuals who so not have transportation. 


Mary Joe Hudgel – Four Season Arts

Mary Joe encouraged those who love classical music to contact wwwfsarts.org and learn more about getting involved in this amazing program.  The next concert is scheduled for Feb 10, 2018.  The performing artists is a violinist and pianist and it will be held at the Berkeley Piano Club at 2724 Haste St, Berkeley.  Call 510-845-4444 for more information.


Raffle Winners:

Nancy won the bottle of wine.  George Trillia won the fresh lettuce.  Mark Scott had his ticket pulled for the marble game and drew a catseye and got to choose something from the basket of fun.  Next week the jackpot is $65.


Genie Stone:  Don won the magic stone for February


Thought for the week:

My attentions and intensions are always consistent and real.