El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for February 22, 2018

El Cerrito Rotary The Wheel

February 22, 2018

Editor:  Gary Buffon




 President Terry:  Opened today’s meeting by greeting everyone.  The flag salute was led by Sal and Terry provided the thought for today.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:  

Marty had a guest:  Kim Baur who came to check out our Rotary Club



  • March 23rd is the monthly BARSHEEP TGIFF. We are the hosts for the event and it will be held at the Club.  Plan on attending.  It is from 5:30 to 7:30p. 
  • Terry acknowledged Marla for providing dinner for the RotoCare facility
  • April 7th is the District Spring Assembly in Fairfield. If you have not been to an assembly it is time to get a refreshed perspective. 
  • April speakers are being selected by the team
  • This month’s BARSHEEP event is being held in El Sobrante tomorrow evening.


 Happy Dollars:   Nancy is happy about her office being remodeled and it is not done and it is beautiful.  In addition, Nancy told us the bank has purchased the Scott Valley Bank in the Pacific Northwest.  Jack is happy about the article in The Rotarian mag about the woman who dyed her hair purple to have people ask her about it so she could talk about Rotary.  Gary is happy about Rebecca’ handling of the “dust up” with the district over the insurance issue with Interact members going to the international convention.  Michael was told by his daughter it snowed in Seattle and Michael told her he was going to San Diego to see her brother and it isn’t snowing there.  Marty if happy about an upcoming business trip in Florida.  Jan is happy she will be having lunch with her youngest son.

  Sgt at Arms Sal:    Did a check to see how many of us had their Rotary pins attached to our attire.  A number were recognized for $5

 Other Interesting Things:

President Terry showed us a video on Rotary Youth Exchange that involved a veteran of WWII who played a significant part in the Youth Exchange program after the ware.

 Today’s Program:

Lee introduced our speaker for today, Eric Aaholm who is Executive Director of the YES Nature to Neighborshoods program to tell us about this interesting and valuable program that is home based in Richmond.  I apologize for not having a photo.  My camera did not cooperate.

Eric gave us a comprehensive overview of the YES  program..  Essential this program provides a leadership pathway for youth for agest 8 to 18.  It involves youth by providing a camping experience.  The program day camps and for those 14 the Camp to Communit program provides year round programming for teens to deepen their connectdion to nature, develop leadership skills and graduate high school.  To create a bridge between Summer cam and Camp to Community there is a program called Richmond Rangers that provides YES campers with twiece month outings to regional parks.  There are family nights and two overnight backpacking trips.  There is also Leadership in Training and fulltime summer camp roles.  There are family camps and a family camp that provides the YES Wellness Progam.  Last year YES served 304 family memebers through family camps.  Ninety seven percent of family parrticipants continue to engage in physical activity as well as make healthy choices with and for their families.  Sixteen Wellnes program participants graduated from a five week Cooking Matters course taught by YES participants and the Lead Wellness Navigator.  The class included nutrition education and hands on cooking lessons. 

Their annual report summarized a lot of activities and results of these highly effective program. 

When asked about funding and other key factors he summarized this by telling us about the support by local foundations and the annual fund raising event that will be in October.

The YES program began in 2004 and has steadily grown.  If you want to know more about YES visit www.yesfamilies.org.  

Thanks to Lee for bringing Eric to our club so we could learn about YES!


Raffle Winners:

Michael won the bottle of wine and a handmade bowl that Lee donated.  Kanti had his ticket pulled for the marble game and drew a blue marble winning $5, Next week the jackpot will be $85.


Thought for the week:

Truth is eternal, knowledge is changeable.  It is disastrous to confuse them.