El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for March 8, 2018

  El Cerrito Rotary – The Wheel

March 8, 2018

Editor:  Gary Buffon





President Terry:  Opened today’s meeting by greeting everyone.  The flag salute was led by Steve and Terry provided the thought for today.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:  

Guests included John Stashik who was Tracy’s guest Fred Facett from Berkeley Rotary was here today.  Norma Trillia came with George today and Mary Farquharson came with Don.



  • Jan announced the June 2nd date for a celebration of Terry’s new year as Club President. Stay tuned for more info.  The event will be held at Salute Evita Ristorante in Richmond.  A signup sheet will be sent around.  Save the date.
  • Terry had some great news!! Marla has agreed to be President Elect in 2018-19,
  • March 23rd is the monthly BARSHEEP TGIFF. We are the hosts for the event and it will be held at the Club.  Plan on attending.  It is from 5:30 to 7:30p. 
  • May 12 is the RotoCare Bowl-a-Thon. The team has been filled but you can sponsor a bowler. 
  • The April speaker team is working on get the speakers for the meetings. If you have ideas let them know.
  • Norma Trillia gave an update on the Myro Electric limb operation that InnerWheel heads up. She also passed around the national newsletter for us to take home.
  • Sonya announced the Sip and Savor for 2018 for October 7.
  • Rafael is doing a Mother’s day celebration at his USA Carpet store from 2-7p. If you would like to find out more check with Rafael.  Sounds like a great event.



Happy Dollars:   

Tracy is happy for the birthdays of Sal, Jack and Don.  Jack is happy about Joe Conwill being well and Larry Sanchez being cancer free.  Michael is happy he is getting a new computer for his office.  Sonya is happy for the new Memory Care facility at her workplace.  Joe Yang’s daughter is happy about his daughter’s first birthday.  Kanti I happy about his grandson visiting a high tech facility to see computers.  Marla is happy about becoming President Elect.  Rafael is happy his two sons are working in his business and doing well.  Terry is happy about he and wife Kellicia going away for the weekend without the girls. 

Sgt at Arms Sal was not on today.


Other Interesting Things: 

Terry showed the You-Tube video of “KP Gives” that was put together showing the Interact club in action.  Rebecca Phuong who is now a Berkeley Rotarian and Interact District Coordinator.  Rebecca spear headed getting this video produced by Kaiser Permanente where she works.  Here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqzjx611kFY


Jan,  using her Genie Stone privileges gave us info on the “bedbug addendum” required for rental property owners in Calif.


 Today’s Program:

Tracy introduced her Father-in-Law William Giles.  “Will” who is now 84 was with us share his love of photography.  He gave us a visual peek into his history by showing pictures of his farm in Oregon around the time his second son was born.  Will has a book that was put together with the help of Tracy, Fred and John.  The book is for sale and one was raffled off (Sal won it).  The pictorial summary that Will gave us illustrated how a simple rural life can lead to a wonderful life.  Will gave us insights into how great photographers use their spiritatual inspiration to tell a story about life and experiences.  We were treated to how Will uses photographs to capture the essence of living a spiritual life.  The large format Will brought to help illustrate his talk were reinforced by a number of great shots of farm life and the animal that were part of that life.

William Giles sharing a life story and his beautiful photography

This was truly a special treat to get a view of Will’s wonderful work.  Will explained how he feels valuated by those who buy his work.  We were treated to a wonderful presentation and a glimpse into Wills family and his passion.

If you want one of Will’s books you can purchase one from Tracy. 

Thank you Tracy for giving us the rare treat of having Will as our presenter today.



William Giles Photographer


Raffle Winners:

Terry won the bottle of wine. Don won the Junket gift certificate by Sarah.  Sal had his ticket pulled for Will’s book.  Don had his ticket pulled for the marble game and drew a cat’s eye.  Next week the jackpot will be $95.


Thought for the week:

Positive thoughts benefit me.  I always think positive and take positive actions