El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for April 12, 2018

President Terry:  greeted everyone and had Michael lead the flag salute.  Terry provided the thought for today.


Guests and visiting Rotarians:   No visiting Rotarians  Rafael had wife Anna along with a close family friend Suzy and her three young children.



  • May 12 is the RotoCare Bowl-a-Thon. Some of our team members need sponsorship so check with them to find out how you can help.  We have four bowlers and each is looking to get sponsors.  .
  • Saturday April 26 is a community service project, our club will be working with the Trail Trekkers doing trail clean-up.
  • Lee reminded us of the “millennial meeting” which will be at McBeers. Next week we will have details of the date and time.


Happy Dollars:   

Mark F had $20 for a great vacation in Croatia.  Marty is happy his shop will continue in operation until the end of the year.  Gary is happy the Interact club has new officers and we will schedule the new officer induction in May.  Jack is happy the article in Rotarian mag and he got the new cook at the club to make a quick stop to say hello to us.  Sonya is happy about the Easter Brunch held at El Cerrito Royal.   Terry is happy about his trip to Hawaii where he and his family had a great time.


Sgt at Arms Sal:  Not on duty today.


Other Interesting Things:    Terry showed a video about a Rotary Hospital project in Sri Landa.


Today’s Program: 

Michael introduced Chris Treadway to tell us about the book he is writing.  Now that he is no longer working for the newspaper he has the opportunity to devote his time toward completing his book.  His book is a history of El Cerrito and the things that shaped the city into what it is today.  El Cerrito has a most interesting and storied history that involved booklegging, gambling and a dog race track located where the El Cerrito Plaza is now.  This track along with the saloon and other adult intertainment was the economic engine for the city.  Since horse racing was illegal in California the dog races were a way around having a gambling and entertainment section of El Cerrito.  The grayhound racing track was in operation from 1932 to 1939. 

Chris read to us the forward of his book and some other interesting aspects so we could get a preview of what to expect when the book comes out.  The expactation is that it will be published last in the year. 

Then there was a number of interesting questions and discussion.  Mark Scott discussed the tunnel system in the city that was used to get from one location to another.  The tunnels had a very effective purpose when one wanted to move from place to place without notices.  Mark had been involved in inspecting and closing down some of these when he was in the El Cerrito Fire Dept.  Apparently, there were some very elaborate construction projects built during the hayday of the operation of bars and brothels. 

Chris did a lot of Q&A with the audience regarding news media and the barriers that exist to the current newsmedia.  Also discussed was the ways the internet and newspapers are not used in the same ways and they were during the early days of El Cerrito.  One interesting tidbit was that aircraft were manufactured in El Cerrito.  There is a great deal to be learned by us.  We just have to get a copy of the book about El Cerrito.


Chris Treadway –told us about his book


Raffle Winners:

Mark won the bottle of wine.  Sonya also had her ticket pulled for the marble game and drew a cat’s eye.  Don had his ticket pulled for the beautiful bowl that Lee made. Next week the jackpot will be $120.


Thought for the week

Just when you thought you were getting things completed on time, you realized that you were now out of time.