El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for April 5, 2018

El Cerrito Rotary The Wheel

April 5, 2018

Editor:  Gary Buffon




 President Elect Marla:  greeted everyone and explained what she would do today.  Marla asked Lee to recite the 4-Way Test with us repeating each of the items and then Marla provided the thought for today.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:   

Tracy had a guest today, Russel Doi who is a reverse mortgage specialist.  Jack and I had a nice talk with Russell after the meeting to encourage him to return to another meeting so we could get to know him better.


  • May 12 is the RotoCare Bowl-a-Thon. Our team members need sponsorship so check with them to find out how you can help.  We have four bowlers and each is looking to get sponsors.  Marla encourage all Rotarians to attend the event which will be held at the Albany bowl.  We will announce the time in a future bulletin.
  • April 10th at 12:30a is our Club board meeting. Be sure and attend the meeting if you are a board member or if you want to find out what is going on with your club
  • Saturday April 26 is a community service project, our club will be working with the Trail Trekkers doing trail clean-up.
  • Lee has set up a meeting at with some young folks to introduce them to Rotary and solicit their help at the community service project with the trail trekkers on May 26th. Lee will provide more specifics about the “millennial meeting” date and location.  Marla informed us to move on this project as it has a great benefit for the growth of our club.
  • Jane sent an email reminder of the celebration for Terry on June 2nd.  Since Terry is going to stay on as President for another year we will be celebrating his success and getting ready for another great year.  Jane will be providing a flier and sign up for us to get ramped up for event.   The fun and festivities will be at Salutes in Richmond.  This is a great place so be sure and save the date because you will WANT to attend.  


Happy Dollars:   

Tracy is happy to have Russel Doi as her guest today.  Don is happy about the great birthday party last Sat and donated $80 for the event.  Jack was also happy about the party and donated $80 as well.  Mark Scott thought he would matched Jack and Don and contributed $160.  Kanti is happy about Marla being President Elect and running todays meeting.  Lots of good vibes all around.  John had $20 happy dollars for the birthday party.  Michael is also happy about the party.  It was a great party!!!  Marla shared her happy dollar by telling us about her Easter Party the had thirty five attend and an amazing time was had by all.

Sgt at Arms Sal:  Steve has a birthday and we sang to him.  Jan has an anniversary.  Then came table trivia which was interesting as usual.  What domesticated animal is not mentioned in the bible?  The cat.


Other Interesting Things:   Lee brought another of his beautiful hand thrown bowls to contribute to the raffle.  Michael won it and now have two pieces of Lee’s pottery


Today’s Program:

Tracy introduced Marla to speak to us about her trip to Isreal.  This trip was filled with great information and glorious pictures she had taken of her three week trip.  We first learned about the history of Isreal which was “born” in 1948.  Also we were reminded of the reasons for its founding how four religions cite this as their birthplace.  We were shown some highlights of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Nazerath and others.   Marla told us she had gotten to go inland to the Sea of Gallalie.  Marla and her traveling companions had an amazing journey and the short time she spoke was not nearly enough to savor the flavor and scope of her journey. 


Thanks Marla for sharing your joy and excitement of the marvelous trip you made with friends to Israel.  Makes us all want to do more traveling.


Raffle Winners:

Mark won the bottle of wine.  Mark also had her ticket pulled for the marble game and drew a cat’s eye.  Michael had his ticket pulled for the beautiful bowl that Lee made .Next week the jackpot will be $115.


Thought for the week

My thoughts determine what I want.  My actions determine what I get!!