El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for May 10, 2018

El Cerrito Rotary – The Wheel

May 10, 2018

Editor:  Gary Buffon




President Terry:  greeted everyone and asked Jack to lead the pledge.  Terry provided the thought for today.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:  Kanti had wife Mona as his guest.  Richmond Rotarian Alan Baer.


  • May 24th will be Paul Harris Fellow acknowledgement awards
  • Terry announced that Marla is in charge of the Rotary Club Roster update this year
  • Tracy reminded everyone of the May 26th community service clean-up that will be taking place on the BART trail
  • Lee reminded us of the Millennial Task Force meeting at McBears Social club on May 23rd at 7p. Any Rotarians who can make it please come and meet the potential participants
  • Jane reminded us of the Jan 2nd dinner for Terry at Salutes’

 Happy Dollars:   Tracy is happy to going to Washington to get her daughter set up in her new apartment where she will live for the next two years.  Sal reminded us of the Mother’s day breakfast on the Red Oak Victory.  Mona is happy about her grandson growing like a weed.  Mark Scott is happy for his daughter having another baby, a grandson.  Jan is happy about a great golf game she enjoyed.  Jack was happy to share a story in the Rotarian Mag about the use of the Meet-up app and acknowledged Lee for having his daughter help him use it for the millennial meeting on the 23rd.  Gary is happy that he is to be doing his 16th officer induction of Interact Officers. 


Sgt at Arms: Not on duty today

Other Interesting things today: 

Interact Club Officer induction ceremony:

Past Pres Stephanie Baer, 2018 officers: Ian Ruth, Lewis Henneberger, Gabriel Myrick, Michael Fox, President, Aiden Cooney, Jenny Fox, Taylor Hardy, Vonne Ng Bader


 Today’s Program: 

Mayor Gabriel Quinto was introduced by Tracy.  The Mayor was here to give us an update on the state of the City.  After a brief history about him being a navative of El Cerrito and his commitment to working to make our city achieve the results that are important for us all, he focused on key issues we currently face.  First we heard about the building that are being constructed along San Pablo Ave.  One of those is the new senior center and the circumstances of the forced move from the old facility that was owned by the CC School District.  The new modular building will be completed in June of this year. Then we heard about the five year plan for a new library and how the search for the best location is being worked on.  We were told the story of how the Los Moles resteraunt came to be.  There is an ongoing effort with Richmond to further the relationship to create a win/win for both of our cities.. The Mayor passed out maps that identified the specific areas and how things relate to one another.  Then our Mayor explained the plan to change our city to a Charter City to facilitate a greater ability to obtain and complete major projects.  This was a very comprehensive presentation for the short time he had to do it.

     El Cerrito Mayor Gabriel Quinto


Mayor Pro Tem Rochelle Pardue-Okimoto was introduced and she told us about her aspiration to get elected as an assembly representative.  Be sure you look at her bio and information on your ballot for the June election and give her consideration for the position.  She has a good background and as a nurse at Alta Bates she has some good ideas about the importance of Health care facilities and the need to bolster and enhance that aspect of our community.

Mayor Pro Tem Rochelle Pardue-Okimoto


This was an excellent program and thanks to Tracy for inviting Major Quinto and Mayor Pro Tem Pardue-Okimoto to speak to us.


 Raffle Winners:

Sonya won the bottle of wine.  Alan Baer had his ticket pulled for the marble game and gave the opportunity to Iraj (Frank) who drew a catseye.   Next week the jackpot will be $140.


Thought for the week: Remember the youth of our country will be taking over and we want them to fully understand their impact and value.  Do your part to make sure they understand how much we value them!


Addendum:  A visit to the classroom of Patty Caballero the school adviser for the Interact Club provided the opportunity to get her picture along with the school Principal Ms McCormick.  

Ms Caballero (holding her certificate) with Ms McCormick, School Principal