El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for May 24, 2018

El Cerrito Rotary – The Wheel

May 24, 2018

Editor:  Gary Buffon




President Terry:  greeted everyone and asked Joe to lead the pledge.  Terry provided the thought for today.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:  Dist Gov Elect was on hand today to help with the awarding of PHF recognitions.  ,




  • Thanked Lee for the work he did in setting up the millennial task force meeting which was a great success last evening.
  • TGIFF is tomorrow at the Hercules “Jumping Spoon Restaurant. Be sure and attend is you can make it.
  • Terry announced that several jobs remain for the new Rotary year. If you want to be involved in any of these areas please speak to Terry.


Happy Dollars: 

Joe is happy about the success of the millennial task force meeting.  Gary is happy that the cord fit his computer so he could use it for today’s presentation.  Jack is happy about the millennial meeting and how well it went.  The DG elect was in attendance and got to greet the young folks who joined in the fund


Sgt at Arms: Not on duty today


Awarding of Paul Harris Fellowships:  Marty and DG Elect Dwyer did presentation and acknowledgment of awards to our fellow Rotarians.  New Paul Harris Fellowships were awarded to Joe Yang, George Trillia, Andy Brown, and Frank Safari.  John Hoagland, Marke Scott and Lee Prutton were awarded special pins for the multiple PHF awards they have received.  Jack and Nobuko were awarded sustaining membership for their annual contribution of $10k to the fund. 

Marty with the PHF awardees.  DG Elect Jon Dwyer is third from left.


Today’s Program:  President Terry introduced fellow Rotarian Gary Buffon to speak to the club about his role as a Hunter Education Instructor for the state of Calif.   Gary has been running the State sponsored class at Richmond Rod and Gun since 2009.  Gary did a quick run through of what Hunter Education is and the role it plays in Hunter throughout the US.  There were a number of questions and comments about hunting as many of the Rotarians had hunted in the past.  Gary’s focus was to let people know why hunting is important to our society and how the Dept of Fish and Wildlife plays a critical role in insuring the fish and game are use and protected for the betterment of the population.  The Dept of Fish and Wildlife considers the hunter education program one of the best ways that the hunting tradition is passed on.  The volunteer Hunter Education program instructors are committed to what they do and the importance of the program.  Gary has graduated over 3000 students at his classes at the Richmond Rod and Gun Club.   Gary showed a picture of the “War Wagon” a mobile shooting bench used by the guide who leads Gary and his friends on the Beldings ground squirrel hunts in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  He also showed a picture of one of his favorite varmint hunting rifles.  His last picture was of a clay target that Norma shot a hole in at 300 yards when she and Gary were practicing at the Gardnerville, Nevada shooting range.  




Raffle Winners:

Nobuko had her ticket pulled and won the bottle of wine.  Gary had his ticket pulled for the marble game and pulled a catseye.   Next week the jackpot will be $150.



Thought for the week

Liberty doesn’t work as well in practice as it does in speeches.

–Will Rogers