El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for June 28, 2018

El Cerrito Rotary The Wheel

June 28, 2018

Editor:  Gary Buffon




President Terry:  greeted everyone and asked Michael to lead the pledge.  Terry provided the thought for today.

Guests and visiting Rotarians: 

None today


  • There will be no club meeting next Thursday July 5th
  • There will be a board meeting on July 10th at 12:30p at the club
  • August speaking team is headed up by Rafael. Remember to get your speaker and then tell Nancy the detail via email and also send this info to Gary to be put into the bulletin
  • TGIFF will be tomorrow and it is being held at Salute’s
  • Lee told us about our monthly service project which will be Saturday 9:30a to 11:30a at the CCCT facility in El Cerrito. If you can come and help do so.  There will be a number of Rotarians and some of the millennial group will be there.  We will be doing yard work so dress accordingly



Happy Dollars:

Mark Figone is happy he was hear today and also that he is going on a backpacking trip with his son.  Lee is happy for his trip to Lassen Co and climbing Mt Lassen.  He has a recommendation for a B&B in Chester is anyone want to know who they are.  Lee also swam in Lake Alamanor.  Marty is happy to be going camping.  Jan is happy she will play in a PAL golf tournament in Richmond.  Mark Scott is happy he remembered visiting Mt Lassen and saw a guy who climber the mountain three time the day he was there.  Marla is happy to be back from her medical challenges and is looking forward to getting her year and Pres Elect underway.


Sgt at Arms:

Not on duty today.  Pres Terry did step in and recognized Rotarians who did not have their pins on today. 


Today’s Program: 

Marty introduced our speaker today, Kim Baur who is a Certified Nutrition Health Coach.  Marty explained he has been working with Kim in a professional capacity and the results were such that he wanted to have Kim share with us what she does.  Kim’s presentation focused on the fact that we all want to become more healthy through through nutrition.  She referenced the work Dr. Dale Bredesen has done in developing his Protocol.  Kim is also a cooking instructor where she carries out that aspect of what she does.  The main focus of Kim’s endeavors focus on reducing cognigitive decline for us all.  Kim gave us a very comprehensive outline of her work and addressed the notion of Recoding the damage done by alzheimers to regain the loss experienced from the disease.  The most interesting part for me was the notion of using a Cognoscopy to gain and understanding of the loss an individual experiences.  Given the information from this analysis it is possible to reverse some of the things that the alsheimers causes to us.  The entire focus is on diet and lifestyle.  This was a great presentation.  If you are inerest in checking in with Kim to set up a consultation you can email her at Kim@steppingstone-wellness.com or call her at 510-409-5430.

Kim Baur – Certified Nutrition Health Coach


Raffle Winners:

Nobuko had her ticket pulled and won the bottle of wine.  Nobuko also had his ticket pulled for the marble game and selected a cat’s eye marble.  Next week the pot will be $70.

 Genie Stone winner for July:  Michael Chang

 Thought for the week

Liberty consists in wholesome restraint.

Daniel Webster