El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for August 23, 2018

 El Cerrito Rotary -The Wheel

August 23, 2018

Editor:  Gary Buffon




President Terry:  greeted everyone and asked Larry to lead the pledge.  Terry provided the thought for today.


Guests and visiting Rotarians:  Kanti’s guest Felix Wong was here today to check out our club.  Visiting Rotarian Herb Cole and Alan Baer from Richmond Rotary were also on hand.


  • Sept 28th is BARSHEEP TGIF day and it is our turn to host the event. If anyone can volunteer to find a place and set this up tell President Terry.  Time is getting short so we need someone to step up.
  • Terry thanked Lee for feeding the Roto Care Clinic staff.
  • Jane and Terry gave us an update on Marla’s status at the hospital. She is still being evaluated.  A card was passed around so we could sign it wishing Marla a speedy recovery.
  • On the Sip and Savor front Joe collected check for those who paid for their sponsorships. Jane reiterated the need for everyone to become a Bronze Sponsor for the event.  Jan echoed this by giving an example of how she uses her “extra” tickets to get people to come to the event

Happy Dollars:

Mark is happy he got to enjoy Herb Cole’s joining the Galileo club.  Lee had sad dollars because Brennans and his other favorite bar have closed.  Michael is happy for his birthday.  George is happy for an upcoming trip to Toronto where he will get to see some long time ago college friends.  Alan Baer is happy to see Stephanie speak today.  Kanti is happy for his grandson’s first birthday.  Jan is happy for the upcoming Sip and Savor.  Nobuko is sad to sell her house in Rohnert Park.  Terry is happy his Mom had a great time on her visit and is headed home.


Sgt at Arms:  Today was all about the trivia about turkey production and where the most lakes in the world and the longest river in the world. 

Today’s Program: 

Gary introduced our speaker for today, Stephanie Baer who was the El Cerrito High Interact Club President and secured some sponsorship to attend the Rotary International Convention in Toronto.  She provided us with some great videos of her trip along with great narration.  She had her dad model his Rotary Socks that they purchased at the convention.  We got explanations of many of the highlights of the event from the millions of dollars spent on polio eradication to celebration of Rotaract’s 50th anniversary.  She had some great stories about people she saw that she new and others who she met.  We also heard about the District Council members who went with Stephanie.  This was a wonderful event and Stephanie had the enthusiasm to prove it.  Hope you were there to enjoy the presentation.

Stephanie also went to China for three weeks right after her Toronto trip and she gave us some quick pics of what that involved and said she would be happy to come back and speak to us about that trip at some future time.  Sounds like a great idea to me.

Stephanie shows the flag she brought us from the convention

My apologies for the picture contrast. 


Raffle Winners

Mark had his ticket pulled and won the bottle of wine.  Alan had his ticket pulled for the marble game and selected a catseye marble.  Next week the pot will be $105.


Thought for the week

A friend is someone who leaves you with all your freedom intact but who by what they think of you obligates you to be fully what you are