Rotarians Responsibility for Guest Speakers

Listed Below are the Rotarians responsible for booking our Guest Speaker for the weekly Rotary Meeting:

Each team is responsible for two months and the Team Captain will oversee the booking of the weekly speaker.  The Coordinator for the 2018-19 years speakers is Rotarian Nancy McCarthy and each team is to coordinate with Nancy to check for unfilled dates and report to her of any conflicts.

September 2018 & March 2019

Captain:  Jan Feagley

Team: Jim Spain, Frank Sirafi, Don Farquharson, Sabina Pan


October 2018 & April 2019

Team Captain: Lee Prutton

Team: Sil Addiego, John Hoagland, Paul Keith, Nancy McCarthy


November 2018  & May 2019

Team Captain: Jane Del Simone

Team: Gary Buffon, Terry Kotsatos, Nobuko Mukai Vicars, Mark Scott


December 2018 & June 2019

Captain: Marty Kaliski

Team: Sal Compagno, Sonja Givens-Thomas, Marla Stephenson, Joe Yang


August 2018 & February 2019

Captain: Kanti Patel

Team: Rafael Cartagena, Michael Chang, Mark Figone, Larry Sanchez


July 2018 & January 2019

Captain: Jack Freethy

Team: Andrew Brown, Jan Feagley, Steve Sadler, Ron Svien, George Trillia


Team Captain’ s  Responsibility

  • Team Members will set up speakers for the monthly assignment and confirm with Director of programs
  • Assign a Greeter for each meeting of designated month
  • Team arrives early to meet and set up the Guest Speaker