El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for August 30, 2018

El Cerrito Rotary – The Wheel

August 30, 2018

Editor:  Gary Buffon





President Terry:  greeted everyone and asked Steve to lead the pledge.  Terry provided the thought for today.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:  Sonya’s guest today was Georgina Edwards Director of CCCT.



  • Sept 28th is BARSHEEP TGIFF day and it is our turn to host the event. If anyone can volunteer to find a place and set this up tell President Terry.  Time is getting short so we need someone to step up
  • Tomorrow is the August BARSHEET TGIF evemt amd wo;; be held at Little Louie’ across the street from the Hotel Mac.  Come and enjoy the fellowship of Rotarians
  • We need a speaker for Sept 28th. If you have someone please contact Nancy
  • President Terry told us of the Polio Plus trip to Africa. If you are interested check with President Terry and get the details.
  • Sonya gave us some tips on getting more sponsors. Tell you friends and neighbors who may want to team up with one or two others to get a Bronze sponsorship which provides four tickets.
  • Jack told us he visited Don Farquharson and that Don would like for more people to visit him at El Cerrito Royal and even have lunch with Don and Mary.


Happy Dollars:


Jack is happy he attended the Pebble Beach car show and auction.  He was happy to see all the great cars and attend to functions but he did not buy a car.  Sonya had $25 for the gold sponsorship she wold toa termite company.  Jane had $10 for the celebration she and Alan had on their anniversary.  Jan is happy about the gold sponsorship she got from a termite company.  Jack found out that Rafael is doing work at El Cerrito Royal as he was one of carpet people there when he visited Don.  Sil id happy he was able to get Rob Lightner to speak to us today about the brewery he and his partner Chris have in Richmond.

Sgt at Arms:  not on today

Today’s Program: 

Sil Introduced Rob Lightner a Partner at East Brother Beer Company located at 1001 Canal Blvd.  Richmond Ca.  Rob began by providing the story of how Chris and he got the business started.  First was the story of the name East Brother Beer Co.  As many know there is an East Brother Lighthouse near the San Rafael bridge.  Their beer company is named after that.  Rob gave us a quick summary of the struggle to get the business and it beginning in December 2016.  They have the brewery and a tap room where they offer space for parties, fund raiders and community events.  The put on a number of events and it is not uncommon for companies to host their gatherings at the facility.  Rob gave us some interesting information about the challenges they have faced and how they are progressing.  One of the more interesting facts was when they moved from a small volume to more the triple.  This resulted in more production but also created more expense when things went wrong.  The jump was from 20 gallon vats to 600 gallon.  The fascinating thing according to Rob is beer brewing is a simple process but there are a lot of things that have to be managed in order to avoid error a loss of product.  Then he shared a story about not be able to get cans from the manufactures. 

One of the best part of the presentation was Rob had brought along several cold cans of beer that were opened and poored into glasses for us to enjoy.  Everyone especially enjoyed this experience.  Thes presentation was enjoyed by all of us!! Thanks to Sil for inviting Rob to be our speaker.. 


Rob Lightner – East Brother Beer Co



Raffle Winners

Jack had his ticket pulled and won the bottle of wine.  Nobuko had her ticket pulled for the marble game and selected a catseye marble.  Next week the pot will be $110


Michael won the Genie Stone for September.


Thought for the week

To be Right then you must have a positive mental attitude, demonstrate through your behavior you mean and will do what you say and demonstrate the skills and abilities to do what you say you will.