El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for Sept 13, 2018

El Cerrito Rotary -The Wheel

September 13, 2018

Editor:  Gary Buffon




President Terry:  greeted everyone and asked Kanti to lead the pledge.  Terry provided the thought for today.


Guests and visiting Rotarians:  Georgina Edwards of the CCCT was Sonya’s guest today. 



  • Our club will be hosting the TGIFF event on September 28 and that will be held at Los Moles. We want as many El Cerrito Rotarians as possible to attend this event so be sure and put this on your calendar!!
  • Terry announced that Pat Todhunter passed on Sept 8th. We all signed a card to Davis Todhunter to let him know were thinking of them.
  • We also signed a card for Mark Scott wishing him a quick recovery from surgery
  • Terry announced that status of Marla Stevenson who had a long stay in the hospital while being diagnosed with CJD which is a rare disease which is often described as Alzheimer’s on steroids. Anyone that would like to send a thoughtful email to Marla can send it to the email in the club roster.  Terry and a few other Rotarians are making plans on how to go see Marla.  Since she tires easily she is not allowed to have more than one visitor.  Terry will let us know his plan
  • October 4th our Rotary meeting will be held at Los Moles. I think everyone know where it to find Los Moles. 
  • Sabina wanted everyone to know that the raffle prizes for sip and savor have to be tuned in to her no later than September 27th. Bring the articles along with the write you form you were provided and Sabina will be able to take them to the staging area for Sip and Savor. 



Happy Dollars:   Jan had $5 as she is happy that Jerry is back from his vacation with his daughter.  Sonya is happy that Sip and Savor is moving along and acknowledged Georgina for her assistance on things.  Sonya is happy about the event she put on at El Cerrito Royal for the residents and the great time everyone had at the weekend event.  George is happy to be going to Canada to the reunion of his 62 years since graduating.  Marty is happy he visited Don and Mary Farquharson and had a great time.  Gary had $5 for the first meeting of the El Cerrito Interact club of the year.  Next Wednesday, Gary, the School advisor, and the Interact President will be meeting with the new Principal (Mrs Crespo) to have a brief introductory meeting.  Gary wants to invite Mrs. Crespo to speak at Rotary.  Jack is happy his bathroom is nearly remodeled at home.  Nobuko is happy about finding a hundred dollar bill that was fake because when she took it to the bank she found out it was a fake.  Joe is happy for the NFL Cleveland Browns winning at football. 


Sgt at Arms:  not on today


Today’s Program: 

Jan introduced Tamara Shiloh to speak to us about the importance of black history being taught year round in school.  Tamara gave us and example of how little is know by younster with the minimal amount of information taught in our public schools.  We all learned a great deal about the large number of key people who never got the credit for the contribution they made to our society, because they were black.  Tamara gave us a rundown on her efforts that go on daily to remedy lack of ongoing education about Black History.  Tamara has written a collection of six children’s books which contains informaration about the a large number of those who contributed to our society.  Although Tamara has worked on her books for many years she has not been very successful in breaking into the market of books to begin the take down these barriers.  There were a lot of great questions for Tamara when she ended her presentation.  She also sold a number sets of her books that she places in the classroom of shools.  She has a store at Hilltop Mall where she and other authors have their books on sale.  Next time you are at the mall be sure and stop in and check it out.

Tamara made some great observations:  We must feed youth the quality and consistent information for their classes that provides them the reality of what our world is about.  It has been 50 years and we still argue over teaching all inclusive history in schools.  It is about time that all the history be taught and that weay young people especially those of African American decent will have the same opportunity to be proud of their heritage as the rest of us.  Tamara summarized here presentation by providing a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr.  In the quote it pointed out the importance of how everyone must be provided the historical learning that is required for us to celebrate what has advanced our country to the point it is today.  One classic example is Thomas Edison did invent the light bulb but it would have been useless without the filament that was invented byLewis Latimer.  I bet if you asked 50 adults you would not be able to get a correct answer from more five.  This an example of Tamara’s commitment to teaching black history all year. 


My apologies for not having the photo of Tamara that I took.  I pressed the video button on my camera/phone Whenn I took Tamara picture and would up with a video and not a photo.  As a result I strongly recommend you visit Tamarashiloh.com check out the great work she does.  Several Rotarians purchased book sets from Tamara that will be given to specific schools and teachers for use in teaching Black History all Year.

Tamara recently joined the Richmond Rotary club and she proudly wore her membership badge to give us a chance to congratulate her join the wonderful world of Rotary. 

Raffle Winners

George had his ticket pulled and won the bottle of wine.  Jack had his ticket pulled and selected catseye marble game.  Next week the pot will be $120.

Thought for the week

Progress is not the problem it is lack of understanding and how we can use the results of progress that is the problem.