El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for Sept 27, 2018

El Cerrito Rotary – The Wheel

September 27, 2018

Editor:  Gary Buffon




President Terry:   greeted everyone and asked John to lead the pledge.  Terry provided a thought for today.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:    Rafael had is nephew Alex who is visiting from El Salvador.  Georgina Edwards from CCCT was setting in for Sonya to take care of Sip and Savor activities . 


  • Our club will be hosting the TGIFF event on Friday at Los Moles. From 5:30p to 7:30p. We want as many El Cerrito Rotarians as possible to attend this event so come if you possibly can.
  • Jack gave us an update on his work with the VR equipment and using it at the Sip and Sa
  • Sat October 24th there will be a celebration of life for Marla Stevenson. There will be details of the celebration sent out to everyone so you can RSVP and attend.
  • Lee announced that October speakers are on track.
  • Saturday is Rotary Day at Cal Stadium for the Bears football game.
  • Nest Thursday Oct 4th we will be meeting at Los Moles, not the Berkeley club.
  • Steve announced that he discovered and African American inventor in the 1800 came up with the dry cleaning method for clothing. His name is Thomas Jennings.  Steve called our speaker from two weeks ago and gave her the information so she could include the info in her presentation.  Thanks Steve!!


Happy Dollars:     

Kanti is happy about all the work Jane is doing for sip and savor and asked her what was her secret for having so much energy.  Andy is happy his three sons are doing so well.  He recalled when he brought them to Rotary when they were just kids in grammar school.  Now they are in college. Georgina had happy dollars from a dog owner who is happy The Milo Foundation is one of the charities getting funding from Sip and Savor.  George is happy about the his return to Toronto for the 50 year class reunion for his college class.  Joe is happy about the Cleveland Browns winning a football game.  Terry is happy for his visit to Michigan for a football game.  Sil is happy for the golf game he played in with his son and Step Curry of the Warriors.  John is happy about the vacation he and wife Lois took down hiway 395 south to enjoy the fun places to visit.  Lee is happy for the bar he goes to that caters to Cleveland Browns.  Lee is also happy that the Cleveland Indians and Oakland A’s may meet in a baseball playoff.


Sgt at Arms:  not on today

Sip and Savor Review:  Jane did a review of the manpower requirements for Sip and Savor. She checked with us on specifics of the function at Sip and Savor functions to see where we have person power needs and we reviewed what we have thus far.  Looks things are going pretty well.  Remember to come to the club about 1:30p on the 7th and possibly earlier if you are on one of the set teams.

Today’s Program:   Jack gave us an introduction to Virtual Reality us and how it will be used at Sip and Savor..  He also gave us all a chance to learn how the process is done so we can do the same thing.  We learned that you can use the videos that are on the Rotary International website.  These videos are quite good and go a long way to promoting what we and Rotary does.  Lee gave us a rundown on the posters he getting for the Sip and Savor Event.  They are “help wanted” and we were asked to use these to speak to our Sip and Savor guests in promoting Rotary.  This may be a much easiser ways to attract new members that what we are currently doing.  We must all become better equipped to sell Rotary, expecially the old guys like myself.  Thanks Lee for an effort that is above and beyond and I know it will pay off.  Sal encouraged all Rotarians to visit the folks staffing the vendor booths and thank them personally for all their efforts.  Let’s make a great impression on everyone and especially the vendors who brought their resources to come and help us create a successful event.    


Steve Sadler brought some information on Tamara Shiloh’s talk two three weeks ago.  Here is the story of an African Inventor who developed the dry cleaning method.  Steve was compelled to bring this information so it could be shared.  Steve and his wife were owners of a dry cleaning store in Albany for many years and want this to be shared.



Thomas L. Jennings

was the first black man to receive a patent.


The patent was awarded on March 3, 1821 (US Patent 3306x) for his discovery of a process called dry-scouring which was the forerunner of today’s modern dry-cleaning.



Thomas L Jennings was born free to a free African-American family in New York City. As a youth, he learned a trade as a tailor, which included dry-cleaning. He built a business and married a woman named Elizabeth, who was born in 1798 in Delaware into slavery and died March 5, 1873. Under New York’s gradual abolition law of 1799, she was converted to the status of an indentured servant and was not eligible for full emancipation until 1827. Children born to slave mothers before 1827 were considered to be born free, but were required to serve apprenticeships to the mothers’ masters until they reached their mid- to late 20s.






Details of Jennings’ patent were lost in a fire at the U.S. Patent Office in 1836, but his life, which included leadership in the movement for the abolition of slavery as well as success as a tailor and drycleaner, was documented by the renowned abolitionist Frederick Douglass in a memorial written upon Jenning’s death in 1859. He first published the article in his Frederick Douglass Paper. It was reprinted in the April, 1859, issue of The Anglo-African.



Raffle Winners

Gary had his ticket pulled for the bottle of win and donated it to Sabina for her great work with the raffle.  .Kanti had his ticket pulled for the marble game and drew a black marble costing him $5.  The pot next week will be $125.

Genie Stone:  was won by Andy for October.

Thought for the week:

Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.  Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.

Senator Barry Goldwater, 1909 – 1998