El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for Oct 18, 2018

El Cerrito Rotary – The Wheel

October 18, 2018

Editor:  Gary Buffon




President Terry:  greeted everyone and Lee led the pledge.  Terry provided a thought for today.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:   Today we had Davis Toddhunter a former Rotarian. We also had Sonya and Mack, Rotarians from the San Pablo Club..


  • Saturday is the celebration of Marla’s life at 4p at the Double tree hotel in Berkeley.
  • Next Friday is the BARSHEEP mixer being held at Salute’s and they have a Halloween theme.
  • World Polio Day is next Wednesday Oct 24th. Mack told us about the significance of this date and what it means to Rotarians.  The subject of Polio brought up my memory that Lee was the El Cerrito Rotary President the year the program began and our club pledged $12000 to the RI fund for the year 1986. I believe that was the year but I might be off by a year or two.  That was a huge commitment and I remember wondering if we could do that
  • Marty announced that Sonya handed out a feedback sheet for everyone to complete and turn in to Sonya at the next meeting. This is to find out what we each of our opinions are about the various aspects of the event.
  • Sal told us all to be sure and read the latest issue of Rotarian Magazine as it has an article of what Rotary did during WWI to support our troops.  


Happy Dollars:   

Davis Todhunter is happy about the remembrance we did for Pat.  Rafael had healing dollars for the challenging things he and his family are going through.  Marty is happy Sonya and Mack from San Pablo Rotary are here today.  Michael is happy he and his family are going to Maui for a celebration with a portion of the family.  Mack is happy he could join us today.  President Terry had a wish dollar that Lee’s college team beats the competitor of Terry’s college team.

Sgt at Arms:   

No on duty today.



Today’s Program:

Lee introduced Fire Captain Joe Gagne of the EC Fire dept.  Joe had a great program on the use of drones in the fire fighting efforts for the department.  Joe had two drones that belong to the department, one small and one large.  Captain Gagne explained the difference in the drones and the difference in their applications.  He also explained the rules and disciplines that apply to their use. He explained the use of each drone and that their use is becoming more commonplace.  To demonstrate what he meant, he brought a video recording of an actual fire at Hilltop where the drone was used and what techniues they used in firefighting that the drone.  The video was very interesting as Capt Gagne explained what the video showed and what the firefighters response to these indicators were.  This was a very informative and interesting presentation we have had for a while.  Thanks to Rotarian Paul Keith for securing Captain Joe Gagne to speak to us today.


Fire Captain Joe Gagne ECFD



Raffle Winners.

The marble game ticket pulled belonged to Sil who was not as fortunate as last week when he won the pot.  Today he drew a black marble and it cost him $5.  Marty had his ticket drawn for the bottle of wine.      Next week the pot will be $55. 



Thought for the Week:  Have you ever wondered about how can there be such a successful TV country and western variety show – “HeeHaw” that ran for over 25 years.  Two of its main stars were guys from Canada one of them being a Shakespearian actor the other a TV writer and producer.  There was also a wonderful bunch of really talented musicians who had performed country and western music all their lives and performed in a kinds of urban settings then we able to graduate to the Grand Ole Opera.  They loved music and had belief in the success model that we have in our great country.  Makes me proud to be a country boy – Your editor.