El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for Oct 4, 2018

El Cerrito Rotary The Wheel

October 4, 2018

Editor:  Gary Buffon




President Terry:  greeted everyone and led the pledge.  Terry provided a thought for today.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:   None today.  Probably because we met at Los Moles restaurant.


Speakers for this month:

  • October 11th Susan Swanta will speak to us about the 5 Creeks clean up project
  • October 18th Rotarian Paul Keith will handle the responsibility for this meeting
  • October 25th Jane and Richard Bartke will speak on the continuation of Sundar Shadi project
  • I will get these put on the Rotary Club website early next week.



  • Our holiday party this year will be held in conjunction with Richmond Rotary and will be at the Richmond Art center on December 1st.
  • Rotarian Don Farquharson passed away on September 28th. There will be a memorial service sometime in November. 
  • Marla’s memorial service is going to be October 20th in Berkeley.
  • Tuesday October 9th is the monthly Rotary Board meeting
  • Ron Svien, Rotary member and general manager of the Berkeley City club is resigning to take a job in Sacramento. He will be leaving October 12.


Happy Dollars:    Marty is happy for his friend Shana will be attending Sip and Savor.  Michael is happy for he and his wife’s visit to Las Vegas.  Jack is happy for the happy thoughts he writes down and was inspired by one he had written about Rotarian Don.  Gary gave $5 and was apologetic about his writing about Terry’s trip to the football game in Ohio by calling it Michigan.  Never mess with a football fan from a specific school by getting it mixed up with another.  Sonya is happy about her team dealing with the Dept of Social Services inspection of her facility when she was on vacation and doing a very good job.  Jack is happy a second time for the carpet job Rafael did for him at home even when he team was all tied up and Rafael did the job himself.   


Sgt at Arms: 

Sal was on duty today and did his usual superior job of trivia questions.  We learned about day light savings times and the first major league baseball team in history.  It was in Cincinnati and was the Red Stockings.


Today’s Program:

Today the time was devoted to a review of roles and responsibilities for the Sip and Savor coming on Sunday.  All the key topics were covered by Jane and Sonya and it looks like we are on our way.  Once significant thing was Nobuko donated $600 to the sponsorships for the Sip and Savor to make it a nice round $30000 total.  Thanks to Nobuko, who is one of the most generous individuals in our Rotary Club.  Our heartfelt thank you!!!.    Jane and Sonya did an excellent job of getting us informed and motivated for our work on Sunday Oct 7th at the Berkeley Country Club.



Raffle Winners.  Was not done today.

The marble game will have a pot of $125 next week.

Genie Stone:  was won by Andy for October.

 Thought for the Week: 

 It is well known that Rotarians are some of the best people on the earth.  They are leaders, doers, contributors, and add more to our world than any other group of people.  Thanks to them all and may God bless them for what they do.  – Your bulletin editor.