El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for Dec 6, 2018

El Cerrito Rotary – The Wheel

December 6, 2018

Editor:  Gary Buffon



President Terry: greeted everyone and Jane led the pledge.  Terry provided a thought for today.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:   None today


  • Our Rotary meeting will be at Los Moles on Dec 13th.  See everyone there.
  • There will be a Rotary Club board meeting on Tuesday December 11th at 12:30p at the BCC club.
  • Marty reminded us that this month is our Foundation drive.  Bring your check for $100 and give it to Marty.
  • There will be a memorial service on December 15th for Don Farquharson at the Richmond Yacht club on Dec 15 from 2-4p all are invited. 
  • On Dec 15th the Sundar Shadi display will be lit and Mike Gonzales will be remembered.  Need to get the time so we can go and celebrate Mike’s life.
  • President Terry reminded us of the new speaker assignment responsibilities.  The month’s captain will assign each responsible Rotarian a week in the month and they will be on the hook to get a speaker or do the presentation themselves.
  • Jan 24th will be the District Governor’s visit.   Board members will be responsible for getting to the club early (10a) and we will get everything completed we need to so we can have Rotary on time.
  • Our holiday party is this Sunday the 9th at Trader Vics.  Start time is 5p with beverages.  Dinner at 6p and 7p fun and festivities.  Bring a gift for the exchange.  A couple can bring one gift if they wish.  $20 gift plus a new toy for the fire fighters toy drive.

Happy Dollars:  

   Sonya is happy that the annual trip to Alabama football was successful in Nov.  Just like last year the team was able to pull out a victory.  Michael is happy that his son and daughter have both graduated from college in Washington state.  Sal is happy for his recent trip from Milpitas to Hayward being successful even though it took a long time on the road.  Sil is happy for the return of Steph Curry returning to Warriors after being injured.  Jack is happy for his daughter’s new job and that she is enjoying the work.  Lee is happy his daughter is now married and shared with us highlights of all the festivities. 

Sgt at Arms: 

Sal was on today and took advantage of celestial things as well as geographical things.  I don’t think anyone figured it out but we did bump up the total cash flow into the club kitty.

Today’s Program:   

No program today due to our location. 

Raffle Winners.  The raffles were not held today.   Next week the pot will be $75.

Thought for the Week: 

This season is to be enjoyed and be thankful that we are alive to enjoy our blessings.