Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for December 20, 2018

El  Cerrito Rotary – The Wheel

December 20, 2018Editor:

 Gary Buffon (www.rotary5160.org)

President Terry: greeted everyone and Jack led the pledge of allegiance .  Terry provided a thought for today.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:   Charlie Oewel from the Tiberon Rotary club was our guest.


>Dec 27 and Jan 3rd there will not be a Rotary meeting

>January 24th will be the official visit of our District Governor Jon Dwyer

>Lee reminded everyone who has not done so to pay for their Christmas Party dinner

>Marty announced today was the last day of our Rotary Foundation drive

>Nobuko visited Berkeley Rotary and was given a handout about the clothing donation program they have teamed up with to support the victims of the fires.

Happy Dollars:      Terry is happy that while at a dental appointment for his daughter, he found a picture of Nobuko in an advertisement while there.  Marty is closing his business tomorrow.  Lee had $30  for his visit to see his Mom for her 80thbirthday where her entire family surprised her. Sal had $2 because he had extra dollars. Jack is happy for KCBS radio do an announcement for Rotary regarding the need for stuff for people in the Paradise area. Michael is happy about the Rose Bowl this year.  Rafael is happy for his business success, an upcoming trip to Hawaii and a Christmas program he is doing for El Salvadore.  Jan is happy for the program her son attended where she cooked waffles for the young people.  Mark is happy that Sil gave him the name of a maintenance man he could use to get things maintained around his home.  Sonya had a great story about getting the end tables she wanted.  Rafael is happy about the referral he got from Jan.

Sgt at Arms:  Sal was on duty but did not recognize anyone.  Instead he did the trivia game which included where Santa was born along with other interesting items.

Other Interesting item today:  Rotarian Charlie Oewel of the Tiberon Rotary club gave us an update on real estate development programs he is doing in El Cerrito. There are two projects in particular that he spoke about.  Both of these projects when completed willadd to the housing available in El Cerrito. President Terry invited Charlie to get a date to make a presentation toour Rotary Club and I know he will do so.

Today’sProgram:   Terry introduced Russel Doi to present his program on reverse mortgages.  This was very informative and gave everyone a chance to see just how what a great program this is and how it has changed since its inception.  This program is highly recommended for anyone who matches the profile to take advantage of this program.   Russell is a good person tocontact if you have a notion that this program might suit you. R

Raffle Winners.  The wine was won by Sal.  The marble drawing was son by Markwho drew a catseye.  Next week the pot will be $80

Genie Stone:  Gary won the magic stone for January

Thought for the Week: 

Remember, it not the situation that is important, it is what your response  to the situation thats critical.