El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for January 10, 2019

Editor:  Gary Buffon



President Terry:  greeted everyone and Michael led the pledge.  Terry provided a thought for today.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:   Norma Trillia (George’s wife) and Shaun Gobent, the new BCC club manager were guests.


  • Terry announced that Marty Kaliski agreed to become our Rotary President for 2018-19
  • An update on Polio Eradication:  twenty nine cases worldwide with Pakistan and Afghanistan being the only two countries with new cases
  • Sabina Pan had to resign for business reasons
  • Nancy agreed to bring the food for the Rotocare Clinic on Tue March 12
  • Tracy announced the Warriors game and it being a Rotary International affair

Happy Dollars:  

Michael is $5 sad for his football team losing the bowl game.  Jack is happy that Shuane Gobent the new manager of BCC was his guest today.  Gary is happy for two Interact members going to Camp Royal this year.  Lee is happy for his son and daughter both doing well professionally and Lee also got to do the introduction class for some new potters at his pottery school.  Jane was happy that Marty has agreed to become our President for the next Rotary Year

Sgt at Arms:  Not on duty today.

Today’s Program:   

Rotarian Andy Brown was our speaker today and gave us a comprehensive run down on his experience as a Rotary Exchange student to Chicala Mexico when he was 18 years old. We got to hear a lot of interesting things about his stay with a Rotarian Family.  Andy did an excellent job of summarizing his experience and shared pictures of a recent trip he made to Chicala in December of last year.  We got to hear him share a lot of things about the geography and cultural things of the area.  Since it has been 39 years since his was an exchange student we were treated to the numerous changes the have occurred in the area.  It was wonderful to hear about where he stayed then and how the differences now in the living situations, the religious and cultural experiences have changed.  We were also given a geography lesson about the area and the other differences that Andy noted.  We saw the beauty of the hills, jungle area and wildlife.  He also shared the experienced the living environments of wealthy and poor and how the food had changed in certain ways.  We learned about how the Catholic church has been positioned in such a way that the traditional culturals can work within that structure.  This as a great presentation and it was obvious that Andy had done a lot of work to make this a very comprehensive snap shots of his experiences in Chicala and the surrounding area.  Andy, thank you for doing this great presentation.

Raffle Winners.  The bottle of wine was won by Mark.  Lee won the $50 gift card from Hotel Mac.  The marble drawing was won by Gary who drew a black marble costing him $5.  Next week the pot will be $85

Thought for the Week:  It has often been said that some of the best presentation we get at our Rotary Club are from our members –Would you agree?