Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for Jan 17, 2019

Bulletin Editor: Gary Buffon



President Terry:  greeted everyone and Larry led the pledge.  Terry provided a thought for today.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:   Jack’s wife Carole was our guest today.  Loren Gray a guest of Jim Spain was also present today.


  • Next Thursday we are hosting the District Governor for his official visit to our club. Be sure and attend so you know what is happening and get to meet the District Governor.
  • Tracy announced the Rotary Warriors game special is going well.  Over 30 tickets have been sold.   Tracy indicated that seating location is good and there are still a few tickets available.
  • The Pinole club is having a crab feed on Feb 16th.  If you need more info Pres Terry has it.
  • Gary announced the two Camp Royal participants have been selected:  Michael Fox and Ian Ruth will be attending this year.  Both of these young men are excited and things are being done to make sure that happens.  Their tuition has been paid and Gary will report back and things progress
  • Mark Scott told us Sil has been ill and requested people call him or send a card wishing him well.
  • President Terry reminded us of the DG visit next week and ask everyone to be present next week.  Board members are requested to be on hand at 11a.  It is going to be a busy day. 

Happy Dollars:  

Jack is happy for having Hans to speak to us today and the great work as a contractor he did at their home. Terry is happy his mom is recovering from the aneurism she suffered shortly after Christmas. Tracy is happy her father raised pigeons.

Sgt at Arms:  Not on duty today.

Today’s Program:   

Jack introduced Hans Froell who is a contractor with a great hobby, he races pigeons.  He lifes in Concord and has been raising and racing pigeons for several decades.  He has his pigeons participate in races from 170 to 500 miles and shared with us a lot of the things he does to accomplish what he has done in this great hobby.  He showed us pictures of the loft houses he has build on his property.  This is where he raises the birds and does all the things necessary to get them race ready so they can compete.  Imagine setting up a situation where your prized birds fly several hundred miles (from Salt Lake City to the bay area and everything is electonically timed from release until they cross the finish line at their coup. 

This was a fascinating presentation and we had the honor of seeing some of his prized birds and how they do all the interesting things necessary.  The pigeon race that goes from Salt Lake City to the bay area involves 5500 birds.  The long race from Salt Lake is done on the longest day of the year because the birds do not fly at night.   Hans answered a lot of really interesting questions.  If you missed this program you missed one of the top programs in the past five years.  Thanks to Jack for inviting Hans to speak to us.  t

Raffle Winners.  The bottle of wine and coffee cup were won by Steve. Mark Scott won the quilt.  The marble drawing was won by Gary who drew a cats eye marble.  Next week the pot will be $90.

Thought for the Week: 

I can’t imagine how many interesting speakers we have had at Rotary and this was one of the best.