Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for March 14, 2019

President Terry greeted everyone and Sil led the pledge.  Terry provided a thought for today.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:  

We had no visiting Rotarians but we did have a lot of guests.  Jane’s husband Alan was here as well as Sue, Barbara, Pam and Rafael’s son Richard.


  • Nancy did her Genie stone announcement about Mechanics Bank’s line of credit
  • Marty gave us some info about his recent PETS conference
  • The next slogan for Rotary is “Rotary connects the world”

Happy Dollars:  

We had a lot of happy dollar people today:  Andy, Tracy, Michael, Jack, Jan, Marty and Rafael

Sgt at Arms:  Did an excellent presentation on St Patrick’s  and the way this day was name after him.   At the end of his presentation Sal collected a $ from everyone for the Rotary box.

Todays Program: 

Jan introduced our speaker today Carol Sievers who came to tell us about her current teaching engagement in Aniak Alaska.  It is a fourth grade cless in which the students are mostly native Alaskens.  Carol shared the story of her returning to teaching after retiring in MN and the wonderful adventure it has become for her.  Living in Aniak, a small community in Alaska and all the interesting things this has provided for her.  Things such as the challenges of rural Alaska, native families as well as livinc conditions.  The living standards and other things have created a whole relm of factors fo rher.  Carol sshowed us pictures of the area, of her school and of course, of her students,.  We also saw pictures of huge salmon, wild blue berries and prepation of moose meat in the school.  I especially liked the picture of the school kids in the boat on their way to pick berries.  Carol related how the environment meant a lot of challenges for her and how much of those things had taught her.  One of the most interesting picture was of the school kids preparing parts of a Moose to have for lunch at the school.  This was an excellent presentation and showed the passion that Carol has in being teacher.  Thanks to Jan for inviting Carol to speak to us.  This was a fascinating presentation.

Raffle Winners.  The bottle of wine was won by Marty.  The marble drawing ticket was pulled Michael and he selected a catseye marble.  Next week the pot will be $125..   

Thought for the Week:

This year we are celebrating the 70th year of our Rotary Club and Sonya and others are getting us set up to make sure we get our club the recognition it deserves for its long term commitment to community service.  Be sure you play your part in this anniversary.