El Cerrito Rotary – The Wheel for March 7, 2019

March 7, 2019

Editor:  Gary Buffon (www.rotary5160.org

President Terry greeted everyone and Nancy led the pledge.  Terry provided a thought for today.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:  

Guests today were Victoria and Brenda.


  • There will be a club board meeting next Tuesday Mar 13th.
  • Marty will be attending PETS next weekend
  • Sonya passed around the 70th anniversary marketing materials she created to give us an idea of the plan she is working on.

Happy Dollars:  

Jack shared the experience of getting tagged on his property and he shared how he got past the experience.  Rafael provided info on how reliable and reassuring it is being a Mechanics Bank customer.  There was a lot of people in the room who agreed.

Sgt at Arms:  Sal was not on today.

Todays Program: 

Tracy introduced Scott Harris who spoke to us today about “Client Clicks”, his internat marketing business. He gave us a summary of the services he offers his clients in the internet marketing areana.  He provided us a great summary of how he helps his clients.  Scott gave us insights into how websites are ranked and how Google uses search engine technology to provide advantages to companies.  In addition Scott shared how the use of inbound and outbound marketing seach processes market is used along with other techniques for setting up ways your website can be made more desireable to seach engines.  In addition, we learned about how one can achieve a top seach ranking.  The process that Scott a lot of info but itfappears it would be valuable to get professional leadership to take advantage of these techniques.. Short answer, call Scott and learn how to do it.  If you are going to invest money in these methods and tools be sure you understand how things work and Scott is the guy to lead you through their use and application.  In the final analysis you want to pay for getting help with what works and that means using Google, Yelp and Facebook in the best ways possible and you will need help to get that right.  Check with Scott to see how he can help you and how much you may have to invest.Raffle Winners.  The bottle of wine was won by Sonya.  The marble drawing ticket was pulled for Brenda and she selected a catseye marble.  Next week the pot will be $120..   

Thought for the Week: Remember the words of wisdom:  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!!