Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for March 21,2019

Editor:  Gary Buffon


Past President Jack greeted everyone and Marty led the pledge.  Jack provided a thought for today.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:  

Georgina Edwards of the CCCT was a guest of Sonya.  Gary Pokorny was a visiiting Rotarian.  Raphael Cartegena, Jr was guest of his dad Raphael.  Bob and Michelle Fox were here to support their daughter Anna who was our guest speaker today.  Norma Trillia was here as a guest of George.


  • Jack reported that Mark Scott is doing better and had a card for all of us to sign.  Best wishes to Mark for all his medical procedures.
  • Marty announced he and the board will be deciding what organizations to support with the Sip and Savor receipts
  • Jane announced the search is on for a demotion dinner site is underway.  Be ready to help Jane if she asks you
  • Jack, Tracy and Jim Spain met with the BCC management to discuss the challenges with lunch cost and minimum payment.  There will be the final decisions on this matter soon. 
  • Gary Pokorny is happy for the Earth Day celebration at the El Cerrito Library and had a sign up for Rotarians who want to help.
  • Gary announced that Jennifer Fox is has been selected to attend the Camp Venture camp.  Jennifer is working on her forms and preparing for attending the camp.  
  • Sonya announced that there will be a 70th anniversary sponsorship for sip and Savor that will be $700 or $100 dollars for the next seven months.  This will be the platinum anniversary for the event.  

Happy Dollars:  Lee is happy for three reasons: the kitchen remodel is complete, his daughter has moved into her own home in Pt Richmond and the plant and pot donation are now complete for the Alameda fundraiser.  Sonya had sad dollars for the loss of a relative in a car accident.  Tracy is happy for Jack’s leadership in helping our club with a number of things.  Jack is happy for Jim Spain’s help with work on his office building and recommended that Jim is a valuable resource if you find the need for the work he does.  Marty is happy as he is heading to Italy for a month on vacation.  

Sgt at Arms:  Sal was not on duty today

Todays Program:  Tracy introduced Anna Fox  who was our speaker today.  Tracy knows Anna because she is friends with her daughter Sarah.  Anna is currently attending UC Davis and one of her “specialities” is being a summer Camp counselor for Camp Keesem, a national orgznization that provides summer camps for young people who have parents that suffer from cancer.  Anna introduced the Camp Keesem and how it is woven into organizations that provide the support for the camp using a sound model of providing a support structure for the yhoung people that acttually put on the Camp Keesem operation for about 125 campers each year.  The structure is comprised of a mixture of health professionals, camp counselores and a facilitiy that is staffed by the sponsoring organization, in the case of the Camp at UC Davis.  Anna showed us the staffing structure along with some of the criculum.  We even got to hear about and experience some of the activities that occur at Canp Keesem.  Anna did an excellent job of explaining how the camp operates and the results it provides to the campers. Thanks to Tracy for inviting Anna to speak to us.