Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for April 18, 2019

Editor:  Gary Buffon


President Terry greeted everyone and Nobuko led the flag salute.  Terry provided a thought for today.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:    

None Today


  • Thursday May 2nd will be a special happy birthday party for El Cerrito Rotary.  Be sure and plan on being with us that day.  Jane needs to get an approximate head count so please send her and email if you are bringing a guest. Jane’s email address is on the special email I sent separately from the bulletin this week
  • Lee announced that the signs for the trail that will have its signage put up are nearly complete.  Looks like the timing may be ready the week of May 20th.   Lee is working with the trail trekkers to come up with a date we can jointly work on putting up these signs and will let us know the possible next steps
  • President Terry announced the possibility of a day at the Oakland A’s on July 13th.  Stay tuned for a signup and other information at our next meeting
  • Terry is doing a visit to the other BARSHEEP clubs and will keep us posted on this
  • The luncheon negotiation team is close to a resolution.  The bottom line looks like $25 per week.  Our board will do a final vote on the proposal at the May Rotary club board meeting.  The meeting will be the second Tuesday of May at 1:30p.  Be sure and mark you calendar
  • Gary announced that the Camp Venture and Camp Royal candidates have turned in their paperwork and will be all set for their camping experience. 
  • Kathleen Keller an El Cerrito Resident contacted Gary regarding providing a raffle gift for Sip and Savor.  Kathleen has a momento from our 4th of July days when we gave everyone a 4th of July tee-shirt.  Kathleen wants to come and present this gift to us on May 2nd.  Fits right in with what we are doing.

Happy Dollars:  

Jane is happy for her upcoming trip to Disneyland with her Grandkids.  Jack is happy about the article in the Rotarian Magazine.  Tracy is happy about the help Jim Spain provided.  Steve is happy about his recent trip to France and other countries.  He was thankful he got to se Notre Dame before it was set on fire.  Nancy is happy to have her brother spend time with her.  Jim is thankful that Tracy relies on her for taking care of real estate repairs.  

Sgt at Arms:  Sal gave us an education on Easter and how it began and in what country.  He also gave us some background on the Notre Dame cathedral that recently burned in Paris.  Anyway, Sal will continue with this theme next week and share some more information and ask us some questions so we can be more informed.  R

Todays Program:  Terry introduced Rex Delizo, who is district manager of the Stege Sanitary District.  Rex provided us with some basics and understanding of his position and the role Stege provides in our area. Stege is the utility that provides service for our homes and businesses for sanitary services. Rex was with us today to give us some basic information and updates on what we all need to be aware of when it comes to our sewage services.  He also provided us info about the impact of the new housing developments of the several high rise apartments being constructed in El Cerrittto, 

One of Rex;s main points was about notifying the Stege when you have a problem with the sewer line.  Another point is that Stege always wants to know when you have a problem.  Rex also explained a backflow device and how they work.  One of the key points is that NEVER flush disposalable wipes.  They do not disintigrate like toilet paper.  Rex had some great handouts and answered many questions for us.  He presented a very good program.

Todays Raffle: The bottle of wine was won by Jane.  The marble drawing ticket was pulled for Michael and he selected a cats eye marble,   He selected a catseye marble.  Next week the pot will be $150

Thought for the Week:

Every Rotarian is aware of the scope of what they do and they excel as a result!