El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for May 9, 2019 –

The Wheel

Editor:  Gary Buffon


President Terry greeted everyone and Andy led the flag salute.  Terry offered a thought for today.

Guests:   DG Jon Dwyer and DG Elect Tina Atkins were our guests.  Jacks guest was a second time visitor and I failed to get her name.


  • May 14 is the Rotary Board meeting at the club.  Starts at 12:30p. 
  • Tracy reported on the Rotary memorial bench that is being prepared for placement at Cerrito Vista park
  • Roto Care bowl-a-thon is Saturday Jun 1st at Albany Bowl.  We will need to field a team and get them sponsored.  Terry will see that this is moved forward
  • May 31 is TGIFF and it is our month to sponsor the event.  Terry has some ideas about where to hold it and he will assign us to various responsibilities

Happy Dollars:  

Tracy is happy for the Warriors winning their game.  Jack is happy for being at a table with all women.  Sal is happy for the success of his latest lecture.  Jane is happy she is practicing her baking skills by backing a Bart Simpson cake for her grandson.  Marty is happy to be going to the District conference in Reno.  DG elect Tins is exciting Dist Conf.  Sonya is happy for the successful 70th birthday party for our club.  Lee paid $20 for not making it to our 70th celebration last week.  Sonya is happy for success of 70th anniversary party and for two $2500 sponsorships for sip and Savor.  Rafael is happy for the trip he took his wife on to Mexico where they had a great time.

Sgt at Arms:    

Not on duty today

Todays Program: 

.Jackson Drolet, Corporate Sales Rep for the Golden State Warrors. Was on hand to bring us up to date on current and future futllure of the Golden State Warriors basket ball franchise.  Jackson began by updating us on the successful Rotary at the Warriors game that Tracy set up for us.  Jackson gave us a great summary of the ongoing work being done for the Warriors new home “Chase Arena..”  He presented a great slide show that had renderings of the new facility that is located in San Francisco.  It will be located on 3rd street and is a very large area where there will an Arena along with a great new complex that contains facilities, a park and areas for restaurants, parking other critical facilities.  The question of how do we get there from El Cerrito was completely answered by the showing maps of transportation facilities and how to’s on what it will take to get to and from the games from El Cerrito  What is important is that the new arena facility along with the other support of will provide a great way for people to get to the games, concerts and other events.  The key thing is the Warriors will own the arena and then rent it to others for concerts, etc.  What a great new opportunity for a lot of people and organizations. All I can say about this new facility is it will be and outstanding resource to San Francisco and the bay area.

Todays Raffle:  Jack won the wine and Gary had his ticket picked for the marble game.  He picked a cats eye marble   Next week the pot will be $160.

Thought for the Week:  When you consider all the positive things going on in our area, it will give a great vision of what we can look forward to in the next two to five years