Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for May 16, 2019

President Terry greeted everyone and Tracy led the flag salute.  Terry offered a thought for today.

Guests:    None today


  • Terry began by thanking Rotarians for their help in meeting prep and clean up.  Iraj (frank), Jan, and John are always working hard before and after the meeting.
  • Terry thanked Andy for his work with the RotoCare fund raising event to get the team together and soliciting donations for the May 31st event.
  • Terry then reviewed the lunch pricing that was agreed to at the Board meeting.  Effective July 1 we will be paying $20 per lunch and $15 for guests
  • Tracy presented a check for $650 for the Warriors night for Rotary.  This money will be sent to the Foundation for points for our club.

Happy Dollars:  

Andy is happy for securing scholarship money for one of the ECHS music teachers so he can attend a program to fine tune his skills in leading the band members.  Sal is happy for his last spring lecture series.  Tracy is happy for the ECHS drama program that we helped sponsor.  Nobuko is happy for the money she earned selling chocolate.  Rafael is happy for the board meeting and the efforts that are underway to secure the funding for an ambulance for a village in Mexico.  The International project funding will be accomplished through a Rotary grant.  Rafael is going to Reno for the District Conference and will begin working on this project while there.  Michael is happy he will be joined by his son and daughter for the Bay to Breakers run that is coming up.  Terry is happy his daughter got to see Draymond Green of the Warriors getting into his vehicle last weekend.  She was very excited about this sighting!

Sgt at Arms:    

Not on duty today

Todays Program: 

We had a club assembly today so Sonya gave us a summary of everything that is going on for Sip and Savor.  Job assignments are being made and we got to choose from a list of responsibilities.  If you did not get signed up for the role you want to take be sure and sign up ro work in the area’s where you can help the most..  We will have our Sip and Savor ticketes on June 1 so we can get busy selling them.   The plan is to have seven benefactors for the funds we raise.  Sonya stressed that everyone needs to be aware of the need for sponsors at the S&S event.  If you want instructions on what to look for and ask for from potential event sponsores  the vendors are a key part of our activities.  We all want to sell as many tickets as possible.  We are headed into the time when things must get completed and since our club is small, everyone must do their share, and I know we will!!

Todays Raffle:  Michael won the wine and Rafael had his ticket picked for the marble game.  He picked a cats eye marble   Next week the pot will be $165.

Thought for the Week:  

 When we look at the list of things our Rotary club has done over the years and you can see why everyone is so proud of our accomplishments.  We now must strive to gain new members so we can have more people working proudly for the club.