El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin- The Wheel for June 27, 2019

Editor:  Gary Buffon


President Terry greeted everyone and Jack led the flag salute. Terry offered a thought for today. This being President Terry’s last meeting as our president did not go unnoticed.

Guests: Tracy had a guest, Mark (I did not get his last name) who came to check us out.  Hopefully he will return to learn more about our club. Our speaker was accompanied by her husband Danny.


  • Terry announced the TGIFF for this month is tomorrow and sponsored by the El Sobrante club and site for the event is McBeers in El Cerrito starting at 7pm
  • July 11th is a special day for our Rotary Club and luncheon.   It will begin at 11am at Cerrito Park with the dedication of the memorial bench in honor of last year’s loss of five Rotarians.  Tracy reminded us of the Evite she sent to us all.  If you have not responded please do so that we have a headcount for our lunch on July We are supposed to respond to Tracy so she has a count of who will come to Rotary lunch after the dedication for the bench is completed. 
  • Marty reminded us all that we need more vendors and sponsors for Sip and Savor.  Get busy and drum up both vendors and sponsors.
  • July 27-28 Berkeley Rotary is looking for volunteers to help them with the parking of cars for the kit festival.  This is a money making opportunity for Berkeley and they could use some help.

Happy Dollars:  

Terry us happy this is his last meeting and thanked everyone for the support and said it was truly an enjoyable Terry’s demotion dinner.  Andy is happy for his visit to Washington to visit “home” and to get some sand to grow his carrots in his garden here in El Cerrito.  Lee had $20 for his vacation and being back home.  Jack is happy to be back and brought a shirt for Pres Marty and Past Pres Terry from the Rotary International convention in Hamburg..  He shared the joy of attending a home stay with and Hamburg Rotarian. 

Sgt at Arms:    Sal was on today and did his trivia question game to learn more things in our world.

Nancy – Genie Stone –took advantage of the Genie stone to explain to us about the value of bankers and what they can do to help us personally and professionally.

Todays Program: 

Karen Harrington , a volunteer for the Climate Reality Project was introduced to tell us about the things this oranization does to help the efforts to bring about change to the factors of climate that are bringing about detrimental climate increases.  Karen did a great review of the main factors that are being addressed to begin the long slow process to address the causes of climate change.  Karen reviewed the many alternaive factors that can be used to bring about the reduction of detrimentalll changes in the factors that fossil fuel consumption brings about.  Alternative energy resources along with examples of ways that our neighborhoods and cities ars address the climate impacts was the highlight of Karen’s presentation.  

Editors Notice:  Whenever we have a presenter that has a topic such as climate change, my heritage as the grandson of midwest farmers begins to send me an alert so I did not cover Karen’s presentation in a very comprehansive way.  For me there has to be a more effective way to deliver the “sky is falling” message to an audience.

It was nice to have met Karen and her husband.

Todays Raffle:  Gary won the bottle of wine. The marble game marble was picked by Michael who chose a cats eye marble.  Next week the pot will be $65. 

Genie Stone winner for July is Jack..

Thought for the Week:

Man and his activities are sometimes looked upon in a way that seems there is too much to overcome.  For those who follow a spiritual faith there is a belief that we are on this earth to accomplish something important. When circumstances arise that suggest we have to solve problems that are beyond our control then we have to be aware of our foll in taking action. Now we have the matter of climate change (whatever that might be) and there is lots of folks who believe we may have to through out the baby with the bath water. (one of my favorite sayings from Grandmother Buffon) . I believe if we ignore much of the critics and scientific experts and press ahead we will prevail.