El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for June 20, 2019

El Cerrito Rotary – The Wheel

June 20, 2019

Editor:  Gary Buffon


President Terry greeted everyone and Marty led the flag salute. Terry offered a thought for today.

Guests: We had no visiting Rotarians or guests today


  • Jane reiterated the Terry demotion dinner on June 22 at La Strada starting at 6 p with dinner at 7:30p and the demotion program shortly after dinner
  • July 11th is a dedication for our memorial Bench at Cerrito Vista. We will attend the event at 11a and then come to Rotary where we will have several guests.  Tracy reminded us of the importance of this activity.  Be sure you plan on attending this meaningful and special event.  Jane says you must attend the Rotary meeting or else!!
  • There will be no Rotary meeting on July 4th due to the holiday

Happy Dollars:  

Gary is happy the Camp Royal students took a group picture at the close of camp.

We will get to hear from Ian and Michael about their trip as our Rotary speakers in August.

Marty is happy for his trip to a retreat in Middletown.  Michael is happy for the visit he had at Tahoe with friends that were all celebrating being 65 years old.  Terry is happy that his business meeting that caused his absence last week was very successful.

Sgt at Arms:    Not on duty today.

.Todays Program: 

Marty introduced Jim Carriere who is a volunteer in the Shelter Box USA organization that is a Rotary Partner in work on disasters for situations where people are displaced.  This outstanding organization was started by a Rotarian in Cornwell England and set up to work on situations that require a lot of support such as when natural disasters strike or where there are a significant number of people who require a lot of help such as the current situaiton in Syria where the war has displaced large numbers of people.  Jim was on hand to give us a the historical and current situations that Shelder Box called upon to support.  Shelter Box USA is one of division of the organization and in really large deployments. Jim explained the some of the specifics that require a “Shelter Box” deployment.  We got to see examples of the supplies that are used, tents of various sizes, water purifier systems along with the other types of infrastsructure used.  We also gained and understanding of this outstanding organization and how it provides a high degree of support to the victims fof these types of disasters.  Jim also explained how deployments are planned, staffed and evaluated to make sure the support provided is the best possible in the given situation.   He showed us maps of what deployments look like when they are deployed.  We also got to see many pictures of deployed shelter box support. This was an excellent presentation that gave us a view into a key subject and how Rotary has teamed ups with another organization to being resources to make it easier for  people live to survive in emergency situation. 

We will probably ask Jim to come back and provide us an updat of what is going on with Shelter Box USA in about 8 months.

Jim gave us and excellent presentation on what Shelter Box resources provide

Todays Raffle:  Sil won the bottle of wine. The marble game marble was picked by Nobuko who chose a cats key.  Next week the pot will be $60..

Thought for the Week:

The scope and reach of Rotary and the services it provides never ceases to amaze me!