Weekly El Cerrito Bulletin for May 30, 2019

 El Cerrito Rotary – The Wheel

May 30, 2019

Editor:  Gary Buffon


President Terry greeted everyone and Nobuko led the flag salute.  Terry offered a thought for today.

Guests:    Today we had Al Miller, Henry Ham and EC City councilman Gabriel Quinto.


  • Terry reminded us of the TGIFF BARSHEEP gathering that will be held in the grillroom here at BCC.  It starts at 7:30p
  • Saturday June 1 is the EC city cleanup on the northern entryway.  It will be from 10a to 12:30p
  • June 4th Rotary Board meeting 12:30p
  • Saturday Jun 8th is Marla’s memorial

Happy Dollars:  

Andy is happy about the scholarship he was able to secure for Keith Johnson a teacher at ECHS. Kanti is happy for the current Indian President being reelected for 5 more years.  Nancy is happy the speaker last week brought up the topic of reverse mortgage’s as her sister is a professional in this sector s and Nancy wanted to clarify some key things.  Sal is happy for putting up 500 American flags at a veterans cemetery and for a redwood tree he got to plant in honor of veterans in Golden Gate Park.  Tracy is happy for having a friend from N.J here today.  Marty is happy for the Jun speaker’s slate being filled and ready for the start of his year as President.  Michael is happy about the Warriors being in the NBA finals.

Sgt at Arms:    Sal was not on duty today.

Todays Program: 

Terry introduced Bev Hoffman who is an educator and activist for human rights..  Bev had an assistant, Sabrina who helped with the a/v stuff.   Bev and his wife  lived and worked in Napel a number of years.  Bev shared a lot of interesting information about his work. Bev got a video that he has been showned to hundrens of people.  In Napel there  af large numbers of young girls and women who advocate for womens rights.  The movie is entitled STOP.  Bev pointed out the critical nature of doing everything possible to bring down the terribly high statistics of sexual abuse on women.  He pointed out some of the key aspects of this epidemic.  Abuse of females is extradordinatily high in our country at colleges and universities.  He showed a porion of the move SOLD.  This video points to epidemic nature of abuse of girls and women.  Napel is an example of a third world country that has far too much female abuse.  Bev indicated that education is one way to address the challenges through the bettermen of humans   Bev indicated there are a number of youtube videos available on0line that are very powerful as a weapon to combat this problem.  As we often say, knowing about the problem is not sufficient to eliminating the cause of the problem.

Todays Raffle:  Sil won the bottle of wine. The marble game winner got past me but I do know marble pull was a cats eye and next week the pot will be $55..

Nancy won the genie stone for June

Thought for the Week:  Knowing the problems is only the first step to being able to take action to stop things that are causing the problems..