Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for June 6, 2019

  El Cerrito Rotary

The Wheel

June 6, 2019

Editor:  Gary Buffon


President Terry greeted everyone and Andy led the flag salute.  Terry offered a thought for today.

Guests: We had no visiting Rotarians or guests


  • Saturday Jun 8th is Marla’s memorial @ Peggy Thompson Park, 720 Pierce St. Albany. 
  • The bowl-a-thon was a great success.  Over $2500 was raised. 
  • July 11th is a dedication for our memorial Bench at Cerrito Vista. We will attend the event at 11a and then come to Rotary where we will have several guests.
  • Terry is out of town next week.
  • Terry’s demotion party if all set for LaStrada’s on June 22nd.  Be sure and sign up for your dinner choice.  The dinner is $50 per person.

Happy Dollars:  

Nobuko is happy that her dryer has been fixed and is back in operation.  Sonya is happy about the outcome of her missing cell phone.  Nancy is happy about the referral she got at the bank for a new client.  Andy is happy he beat the IRS over a tax bill that he was not responsible for. 

Sgt at Arms:    

Sal was on duty today.  We learned about diamond mining in Arkansas and what vitamin deficiency cause.  Everyone was challenged and some had to pay.  Today was Irag’s birthday and he was recognized for that today.

Todays Program: 

Terry introduced Meg Heinicke whwork for Namaste Direct which is an organization that provides small grants to women entreprueners in Guatamala so they can be trained to run a successful small business owners in Guatamala.  This was the second time Meg has provided us with information on this excellent program which assists young women in the setting up and running of their micro businesses.   This type of support has become a cornerstone of the Rotary micro lending programs that are set up for situations such as the once in Guatamala.  Meg reviewed  a bit of the history of the Namaste Direct programm that is used in Guatalama. It was originally set up by A Rotarian, Bob Graham.This program has been very successful over the years.  Meg provied us with some of the more interesting particulara along with a story of Olga Marina and her success in her business that resulted in the running of her business.  This a great program and gave us a great appreciation for another of the great Rotary programs.  WE learned that the city of Antiguia is where this particular program is home based.  We thank Meg for bringing this wonderful program.

Todays Raffle:  Kanti  won the bottle of wine. The marble game marblee was picked for John he pulled the winning marble winning the $55.  Next week the pot will be $50 as we start all over again..

Thought for the Week:  The 4-Way Test will solve a lot of problems.