Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for July 25, 2019

El Cerrito Rotary -The Wheel

July 25, 2019 Editor:  Gary Buffon (www.elcerritorotary.org)

President Marty opened the meeting by greeting everyone. Jim  led the flag salute and Marty offered a thought for today.

Guests:  We did not have any guests today.


  • Sonya gave us an update on sponsors for Sip and Savor.  Nearly every Rotary member has become a sponsor so we are marching long nicely.  We do need to increase our on site vendors and sell as many ticketes as possible
  • This weekend is the Berkeley annual “Kite Festival.’  The Berkeley club need volunteers to help them with the parking.  If you have the time go participate
  • Marty announced the “District Meetings” that are done both in the North and the South.  The first meeting will be in the North on Oct 5th.  If you want to go look on the District website and get the info and locations.  Meetings cover Rotary Foundation, membership and others. 
  • Lee announced that Oct is the month when the trail trekker signs will be installed.  We will need a significant amount of people power for this as we will be digging post holes and doing other key things to get the new signs set up. 
  • This month’s TGIFF is tomorrow evening. July 26th from 5:30 to 7:30p.  Location a couple of blocks North of Solano. The brewery does not serve food, but we will have platters of food available. There are also a few options close by and the brewery is fine with people bringing food in.  Hope you all have a great time. Many Berkeley folks will not be attending as we are setting up for the kite festival

Happy Dollars:  Mark Figone is happy to be back and told us about his fishing trip to Canada where he caught a 27 pound salmon.  Jan is happy she sold a sponsor.for Sip and Savor.  Sal is happy to be 83 years old.  He told the story of fishing in. Alaska in the years 1919 through 1931.  Jim is happy about his favorite tree in Tahoe and that he as a friend carved their initials in that tree right below the people who carved their initials in it in 1919..Tracy is happy about attending a ball game and hearing music set to what was happening at the game.  Jack told a fishing story about fish and Nobuko got her question answered about the kinds of salmon that are caught on the west coast of the US.

Sgt at Arms:    Not on duty today


Todays Program:  We did not have a guest speaker today but instead a great open floor of important topics.  Marty asked us to talk about our businesses and Jan gave us a fairly thorough rundown on raising the rent on your property in Richmond.  She also went through a number of things that one must consider with rental property and raising the rend. 

Todays Raffle: John won the bottle of wine and Michael won the marble game and picked a cats eye marble.  Next week the pot will be $85

Sonya won the Genie stone

Thought for the week

Based on what I learned about rental property, it seems like one of the most complicated things in our society.  I’m glad we sold my mothers house when she passed.