Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin


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August 29, 2019

Editor:  Gary Buffon


Past President Jack opened the meeting by greeting everyone and Lee led the flag salute and Jack offered the thought for today.

Guests & Visiting Rotarians:  Lene Frederiksen a visiting Rotarian from Denmark was our guest today and she exchanged flags with Jack and told us a bit about her homeland and city.  We also had the President of Richmond Rotary, Jan Brown as well as Haley Richenman. 


  • Lee announced our holiday party will be held at Trader Vics on December 15th.  They only have space for 40 guests so be sure and sign up early.
  • TGIFF for this month will be at Riggers Loft in Richmond on the 30th.  A flier was handed out for the event. 
  • Andy presented an article from the Rotarian Magazine
  • Sonya gave us a summary of the Sip and Savor event’s progress.   

Happy Dollars:  Nancy is happy about Lene visiting our club because it reminded her of a boyfriend from her distant past who hailed from Denmark. Rafael is happy about the new President of El Salvador for the steps he is taking to clean up the corruption in that country.  Rafael is also happy about his business doing so well that he was able to make a $500 sponsorship.  Lee gad $20 for his daughter’s wedding earlier this month.  Jan Brown is happy the Lene visiting us reminded her offff the time she spent in Denmark.  George was also happy of the reminder of the time he spent in Denmark.  Gary was happy about Ian and Michael giving their presentation on Camp Royal.

Sgt at Arms Steve:  Not on duty today

Todays Program: 

Gary introduced our speakers, Michael Fox and Ian Ruth to tell us about their Camp Royal experience in June.  Each of the guys summarized key things that they experienced at this awesome Rotary leadership camp that takes place in Hayfork Calif.  .

Ian and Michael gave a joint presentation to provide us with an excellent summary of their and travel to Hayfork California where the camp was held and the several hour drive to get their.  They covered the logistics of getting there and getting settled.  We got an overview of the camp layout and how things operated with the counselors and the logistics.  There was also the activities and great scenery in which the camp is held.  Michael and Ian each highlighted many of the key aspects of the event and what it meant to them.  We were told how the self realization and application of leadership can be used to gain more from what we say and do. 

Both Michael and Ian explained how the mental and physical interaction with the other campers and the camp counselors made them aware of how to think differently about their lives and how they perceive and do things.  It is never a bad idea to do a self analysis of how we interact with things in our lives and Camp Royal is a great vehicle in which this occurs.. 

As I always tell others, be able to go to Camp Royal as a high school student is the only reason I would willing go back to my own high school career so I could attend.

Todays Raffle:

Sil won the bottle of wine and Nancy won the marble game and picked  a catseye marble.  Next week the pot will be $65.. 

Genie Stone:  Michael won the magic stone for next month.

Thought for the Day: You can always understand someone when they speak to you from their heart.